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config ( Weapons ) native

+-- Engine.Actor
   +-- Gameplay.Equipment
      +-- Gameplay.Equippable
         +-- Gameplay.Weapon

Direct Known Subclasses:

AssaultShipWeapon, Blaster, Buckler, Burner, Chaingun, ChargeUpWeapon, EnergyBlade, GloraxMeleeWeapon, GloraxWeapon, Grappler, GrenadeLauncher, Mortar, PodWeapon, RocketPod, SniperRifle, Spinfusor, TankWeapon, tmodWeaponPointer, TurretWeapon

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from Gameplay.Equippable
animClass, animPrefix, attemptedAttach, automaticallyHold, bFirstPersonUseTrace, bIsFirstPerson, bMeshChangeOK, bPlayedCharacterEquipAnim, demoFireCount, equipDuration, equipDurationCounter, equippablePos, equipped, equippedArmAnim, fireCount, fireState, firstPersonAltMesh, firstPersonAltOffset, firstPersonAltTraceExtent, firstPersonAltTraceLength, firstPersonBobMultiplier, firstPersonInterpCurrent, firstPersonInterpStep, firstPersonInterpTarget, firstPersonMesh, firstPersonOffset, firstPersonTraceExtent, firstPersonTraceLength, localDemoFireCount, localFireCount, releaseFireState, rookMotor, rookOwner, startEquippingTime, thirdPersonAltMesh, thirdPersonAltStaticMesh, thirdPersonAttachmentBone, thirdPersonAttachmentOffset, thirdPersonMesh, thirdPersonStaticMesh, unequipDuration
Inherited Variables from Gameplay.Equipment
attentionFXDuration, attentionFXMaterial, attentionFXSpacing, attentionLeft, awaitingPickupPhysics, bCanDrop, bCanPickup, bDropped, bHeld, bPlayPickupSound, droppedElasticity, dropVelocity, heldStartState, hudIcon, hudIconCoords, hudRefireIcon, hudRefireIconCoords, infoString, inventoryIcon, localizedName, next, nextAttentionTime, pickupProxy, pickupRadius, prev, prompt, sensorUpdateFlag, spawnPoint

Functions Summary
function addSpeedPackScale (float scale))
functionActor AIAimTrace (out Vector hitLocation, out Vector hitNormal, Vector traceStart, Vector traceEnd)
function aimTrace (out Vector hitLocation, Vector traceStart, Vector traceDirection)
functionbool allowPrompt (Character potentialOwner))
eventbool altFire (optional bool _fireOnce))
function applyPickupDelay ()))
function attemptFire ()))
function BeginState ()))
function BeginState ()))
function BeginState ()))
function BeginState ()))
function BeginState ()))
functionVector calcProjectileSpawnLocation (Rotator fireRot))
functionbool canExpire ()))
functionbool canFire ()))
functionbool canPickup (Character potentialOwner))
function Destroyed ()))
function doSwitch (Character newOwner))
function drawDebug (HUD debugHUD)
function droppedByCharacter (Character c))
function EndState ()))
function extractFirstPersonMeshData ()))
eventbool fire (optional bool _fireOnce))
function firedEffectProcessing ()))
function FireEmpty ()))
functionbool fireRatePassed ()))
function FireWeapon ()))
functionrotator getAimAdjustedViewRotation (PlayerController pc, Vector fireLoc))
functionRotator getAimRotation (Vector fireLoc))
functionint getMaxAmmo ()))
functionfloat getPredictedProjectileGravity ()))
functionfloat GetProjectileSpreadScale ()))
functionbool handleReleaseFire ()))
functionbool hasAmmo ()))
function heldByCharacter (Character c))
functionint increaseAmmo (int quantity))
function initialiseVelocity (Projectile p, Vector InitialVelocity))
functionProjectile makeProjectile (Rotator fireRot, Vector fireLoc))
functionbool needPrompt (Character potentialOwner))
function onThirdPersonFireCount ()))
function pickup (Character newOwner))
function playCharacterFireAnim ()))
function playEquipAnim ()))
function playIdleAnim ()))
function playPostFireAnim ()))
function playUnequipAnim ()))
function PostNetBeginPlay ()))
function PostNetReceive ()))
function PrecacheWeaponRenderData (LevelInfo Level, class<Weapon> WeaponClass))
eventbool releaseAltFire ()))
function removeSpeedPackScale ()))
function requestEquipmentDrop ()))
function setHasAmmoSkins ()))
function setOutOfAmmo ()))
function setupFirstPerson ()))
function Tick (float Delta))
function Tick (float Delta))
function TickFirePressed ()))
functionbool TriggerWeaponEffect (name EffectEvent))
function UpdatePrecacheRenderData ()))
function useAmmo ()))
functionbool willHurtFriendly (Vector hitLocation, float timeToHit, bool bDoObstacleCheck ))
Inherited Functions from Gameplay.Equippable
armsFirstPersonStatus, attachWeaponHack, BeginState, calculateInterpolation, canUnequip, checkFireCount, drawDebug, EndState, equip, fire, firstPersonStatus, getFirstPersonOffset, handleFire, handleReleaseFire, initialiseRookMotor, keepArms, moveWeapon, onMessage, onThirdPersonFireCount, pickup, playEquipAnim, playIdleAnim, playUnequipAnim, PostBeginPlay, PostNetBeginPlay, PrecacheEquippableRenderData, releaseFire, selectMesh, sendServerRequestFire, sendServerRequestReleaseFire, setDroppedMesh, setFirstPersonOffset, setMovementReplication, setupFirstPerson, setupThirdPerson, shouldHide, shouldPlayEquipAnim, Tick, unEquip, UpdatePrecacheRenderData, useAlternateMesh
Inherited Functions from Gameplay.Equipment
allowPrompt, Attach, BeginState, canExpire, canPickup, Destroyed, doSwitch, drop, endHeldByCharacter, EndState, equipmentGone, GetOverlayMaterial, gotoHeldState, HitWall, isInNoDropRangeOfInventoryStation, needPrompt, onMessage, onPickup, onTakenFromSpawnPoint, pickup, PickupProxyTouch, PickupProxyUntouch, PostNetReceive, removeDroppedEquipment, requestEquipmentDrop, setDropLocation, setDropVelocity, setMovementReplication, setup, setupDropped, startHeldByCharacter, Tick, Timer, TravelPreAccept

States Summary
Dropped Source code
simulated state Dropped
Empty Source code
simulated state Empty
FireEmpty, handleReleaseFire, Tick
FirePressed Source code
simulated state FirePressed
attemptFire, BeginState, Tick, TickFirePressed
FireReleased Source code
simulated state FireReleased
Held Source code
simulated state Held
Idle Source code
simulated state Idle
BeginState, EndState

Variables Detail

AIAccelerationModifier Source code

var float AIAccelerationModifier;

aimClass Source code

var class<AimFunctions> aimClass;

AIspread Source code

var Rotator AIspread;

bBeingSwitched Source code

var private bool bBeingSwitched;

bFiredWeapon Source code

var bool bFiredWeapon;

bGenerateMissSpeechEvents Source code

var bool bGenerateMissSpeechEvents;

fireAnimation Source code

var name fireAnimation;

fireOnce Source code

var bool fireOnce;

lastFireTime Source code

var float lastFireTime;

localAmmoCount Source code

var int localAmmoCount;

localPickupDelay Source code

var private bool localPickupDelay;

noAmmo Source code

var bool noAmmo;

pickupDelay Source code

var private bool pickupDelay;

projectileSpawnOffset Source code

var Vector projectileSpawnOffset;

speedPackScale Source code

var float speedPackScale;

startEquippingTime Source code

var float startEquippingTime;


ammoCount Source code

var(Weapon) travel int ammoCount;
Weapon's remaining ammo

ammoUsage Source code

var(Weapon) int ammoUsage;
Amount of ammo used per shot

bMelee Source code

var(Weapon) bool bMelee;

bNeedIdleFX Source code

var(Weapon) bool bNeedIdleFX;

emptyMaterials Source code

var(Weapon) editinlineuse Array<Material> emptyMaterials;

fireAnimSubString Source code

var(Weapon) string fireAnimSubString;

hudReticule Source code

var(Weapon) config Material hudReticule;
Targetting reticule for this weapon

hudReticuleCenterX Source code

var(Weapon) config float hudReticuleCenterX;
X co-ord on the texture of the hud center

hudReticuleCenterY Source code

var(Weapon) config float hudReticuleCenterY;
Y co-ord on the texture of the hud center

hudReticuleHeight Source code

var(Weapon) config float hudReticuleHeight;
Height of the HUD Reticule

hudReticuleWidth Source code

var(Weapon) config float hudReticuleWidth;
Width of the HUD texture

projectileClass Source code

var(Weapon) class<Projectile> projectileClass;
Type of projectile fired by the weapon

projectileInheritedVelFactor Source code

var(Weapon) float projectileInheritedVelFactor;
Proportion of velocity inherited from player when projectile is fired

projectileSpawnBone Source code

var(Weapon) name projectileSpawnBone;
The bone that the projectile will be spawned at

projectileVelocity Source code

var(Weapon) float projectileVelocity;
Speed of the projectile when it is fired

roundsPerSecond Source code

var(Weapon) float roundsPerSecond;
Fire rate in rounds per second

Functions Detail

addSpeedPackScale Source code

simulated function addSpeedPackScale ( float scale) )

AIAimTrace Source code

final native final function Actor AIAimTrace ( out Vector hitLocation, out Vector hitNormal, Vector traceStart, Vector traceEnd )

aimTrace Source code

final native final function aimTrace ( out Vector hitLocation, Vector traceStart, Vector traceDirection )

allowPrompt Source code

function bool allowPrompt ( Character potentialOwner) )

altFire Source code

simulated event bool altFire ( optional bool _fireOnce) )

applyPickupDelay Source code

function applyPickupDelay ( ) )

attemptFire FirePressed Source code

simulated function attemptFire ( ) )

BeginState Dropped Source code

simulated function BeginState ( ) )

BeginState FirePressed Source code

simulated function BeginState ( ) )

BeginState FireReleased Source code

simulated function BeginState ( ) )

BeginState Held Source code

simulated function BeginState ( ) )

BeginState Idle Source code

simulated function BeginState ( ) )

calcProjectileSpawnLocation Source code

simulated function Vector calcProjectileSpawnLocation ( Rotator fireRot) )

canExpire Source code

simulated function bool canExpire ( ) )

canFire Source code

simulated function bool canFire ( ) )

canPickup Source code

function bool canPickup ( Character potentialOwner) )

Destroyed Source code

simulated function Destroyed ( ) )

doSwitch Source code

function doSwitch ( Character newOwner) )

drawDebug Source code

function drawDebug ( HUD debugHUD )

droppedByCharacter Source code

simulated function droppedByCharacter ( Character c) )

EndState Idle Source code

simulated function EndState ( ) )

extractFirstPersonMeshData Source code

simulated function extractFirstPersonMeshData ( ) )

fire Source code

simulated event bool fire ( optional bool _fireOnce) )

firedEffectProcessing Source code

simulated function firedEffectProcessing ( ) )

FireEmpty Empty Source code

simulated function FireEmpty ( ) )

fireRatePassed Source code

simulated function bool fireRatePassed ( ) )

FireWeapon Source code

simulated protected function FireWeapon ( ) )

getAimAdjustedViewRotation Source code

simulated function rotator getAimAdjustedViewRotation ( PlayerController pc, Vector fireLoc) )

getAimRotation Source code

function Rotator getAimRotation ( Vector fireLoc) )

getMaxAmmo Source code

function int getMaxAmmo ( ) )

getPredictedProjectileGravity Source code

function float getPredictedProjectileGravity ( ) )

GetProjectileSpreadScale Source code

simulated function float GetProjectileSpreadScale ( ) )

handleReleaseFire Empty Source code

simulated protected function bool handleReleaseFire ( ) )

hasAmmo Source code

simulated function bool hasAmmo ( ) )

heldByCharacter Source code

simulated function heldByCharacter ( Character c) )

increaseAmmo Source code

final function int increaseAmmo ( int quantity) )

initialiseVelocity Source code

function initialiseVelocity ( Projectile p, Vector InitialVelocity) )

makeProjectile Source code

protected function Projectile makeProjectile ( Rotator fireRot, Vector fireLoc) )

needPrompt Source code

function bool needPrompt ( Character potentialOwner) )

onThirdPersonFireCount Source code

simulated function onThirdPersonFireCount ( ) )

pickup Source code

function pickup ( Character newOwner) )

playCharacterFireAnim Source code

simulated function playCharacterFireAnim ( ) )

playEquipAnim Source code

simulated function playEquipAnim ( ) )

playIdleAnim Source code

simulated function playIdleAnim ( ) )

playPostFireAnim Source code

simulated protected function playPostFireAnim ( ) )

playUnequipAnim Source code

simulated function playUnequipAnim ( ) )

PostNetBeginPlay Source code

simulated function PostNetBeginPlay ( ) )

PostNetReceive Source code

simulated function PostNetReceive ( ) )

PrecacheWeaponRenderData Source code

static simulated function PrecacheWeaponRenderData ( LevelInfo Level, class<Weapon> WeaponClass) )

releaseAltFire Source code

simulated event bool releaseAltFire ( ) )

removeSpeedPackScale Source code

simulated function removeSpeedPackScale ( ) )

requestEquipmentDrop Source code

protected function requestEquipmentDrop ( ) )

setHasAmmoSkins Source code

simulated function setHasAmmoSkins ( ) )

setOutOfAmmo Source code

simulated function setOutOfAmmo ( ) )

setupFirstPerson Source code

simulated function setupFirstPerson ( ) )

Tick Empty Source code

simulated function Tick ( float Delta) )

Tick FirePressed Source code

simulated function Tick ( float Delta) )

TickFirePressed FirePressed Source code

simulated function TickFirePressed ( ) )

TriggerWeaponEffect Source code

simulated function bool TriggerWeaponEffect ( name EffectEvent) )

UpdatePrecacheRenderData Source code

simulated function UpdatePrecacheRenderData ( ) )

useAmmo Source code

function useAmmo ( ) )

willHurtFriendly Source code

function bool willHurtFriendly ( Vector hitLocation, float timeToHit, bool bDoObstacleCheck ) )


	bNetNotify = true

	bNoRepMesh = true	

	bCanDrop = true

	triggeredBy = "all"

	AIAccelerationModifier = 1.0

	roundsPerSecond = 0.5
	ammoCount = 20
	ammoUsage = 1

	localAmmoCount = 99999999

	speedPackScale = 1.0

	projectileClass = class'Projectile'
	projectileSpawnBone = Muzzle
	projectileVelocity = 2500

	hudReticule			= texture'HUD.ReticuleDirect'
	hudReticuleWidth	= 128
	hudReticuleHeight	= 128
	hudReticuleCenterX	= 64
	hudReticuleCenterY	= 64

	fireAnimation		= Fire

	bGenerateMissSpeechEvents = true

	prompt				= "Press '%1' to swap your %2 for a %3."

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