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+-- Engine.Actor
   +-- Gameplay.Equipment
      +-- Gameplay.Equippable
         +-- Gameplay.Weapon
            +-- Gameplay.Grappler

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from Gameplay.Weapon
AIAccelerationModifier, aimClass, AIspread, ammoCount, ammoUsage, bBeingSwitched, bFiredWeapon, bGenerateMissSpeechEvents, bMelee, bNeedIdleFX, emptyMaterials, fireAnimation, fireAnimSubString, fireOnce, hudReticule, hudReticuleCenterX, hudReticuleCenterY, hudReticuleHeight, hudReticuleWidth, lastFireTime, localAmmoCount, localPickupDelay, noAmmo, pickupDelay, projectileClass, projectileInheritedVelFactor, projectileSpawnBone, projectileSpawnOffset, projectileVelocity, roundsPerSecond, speedPackScale, startEquippingTime
Inherited Variables from Gameplay.Equippable
animClass, animPrefix, attemptedAttach, automaticallyHold, bFirstPersonUseTrace, bIsFirstPerson, bMeshChangeOK, bPlayedCharacterEquipAnim, demoFireCount, equipDuration, equipDurationCounter, equippablePos, equipped, equippedArmAnim, fireCount, fireState, firstPersonAltMesh, firstPersonAltOffset, firstPersonAltTraceExtent, firstPersonAltTraceLength, firstPersonBobMultiplier, firstPersonInterpCurrent, firstPersonInterpStep, firstPersonInterpTarget, firstPersonMesh, firstPersonOffset, firstPersonTraceExtent, firstPersonTraceLength, localDemoFireCount, localFireCount, releaseFireState, rookMotor, rookOwner, startEquippingTime, thirdPersonAltMesh, thirdPersonAltStaticMesh, thirdPersonAttachmentBone, thirdPersonAttachmentOffset, thirdPersonMesh, thirdPersonStaticMesh, unequipDuration

Functions Summary
function ammoSkinChange ()))
function beginReelIn ()))
function BeginState ()))
function BeginState ()))
function BeginState ()))
function buildControllableSkins ()))
functionbool canUnequip ()))
function drop ()))
function endReelIn ()))
functionProjectile makeProjectile (Rotator fireRot, Vector fireLoc))
function onMessage (Message m))
function playEquipAnim ()))
function playIdleAnim ()))
function playUnequipAnim ()))
function PostNetBeginPlay ()))
eventbool releaseFire (optional bool bClientOnly))
function requestEquipmentDrop ()))
functionbool sendServerRequestDetachGrapple ()))
function setControllableSkins ()))
function setHasAmmoSkins ()))
function setOutOfAmmo ()))
function Tick (float DeltaTime))
function TickFirePressed ()))
function Timer ()))
Inherited Functions from Gameplay.Weapon
addSpeedPackScale, AIAimTrace, aimTrace, allowPrompt, altFire, applyPickupDelay, attemptFire, BeginState, calcProjectileSpawnLocation, canExpire, canFire, canPickup, Destroyed, doSwitch, drawDebug, droppedByCharacter, EndState, extractFirstPersonMeshData, fire, firedEffectProcessing, FireEmpty, fireRatePassed, FireWeapon, getAimAdjustedViewRotation, getAimRotation, getMaxAmmo, getPredictedProjectileGravity, GetProjectileSpreadScale, handleReleaseFire, hasAmmo, heldByCharacter, increaseAmmo, initialiseVelocity, makeProjectile, needPrompt, onThirdPersonFireCount, pickup, playCharacterFireAnim, playEquipAnim, playIdleAnim, playPostFireAnim, playUnequipAnim, PostNetBeginPlay, PostNetReceive, PrecacheWeaponRenderData, releaseAltFire, removeSpeedPackScale, requestEquipmentDrop, setHasAmmoSkins, setOutOfAmmo, setupFirstPerson, Tick, TickFirePressed, TriggerWeaponEffect, UpdatePrecacheRenderData, useAmmo, willHurtFriendly
Inherited Functions from Gameplay.Equippable
armsFirstPersonStatus, attachWeaponHack, BeginState, calculateInterpolation, canUnequip, checkFireCount, drawDebug, EndState, equip, fire, firstPersonStatus, getFirstPersonOffset, handleFire, handleReleaseFire, initialiseRookMotor, keepArms, moveWeapon, onMessage, onThirdPersonFireCount, pickup, playEquipAnim, playIdleAnim, playUnequipAnim, PostBeginPlay, PostNetBeginPlay, PrecacheEquippableRenderData, releaseFire, selectMesh, sendServerRequestFire, sendServerRequestReleaseFire, setDroppedMesh, setFirstPersonOffset, setMovementReplication, setupFirstPerson, setupThirdPerson, shouldHide, shouldPlayEquipAnim, Tick, unEquip, UpdatePrecacheRenderData, useAlternateMesh

States Summary
FirePressed Source code
simulated state FirePressed
BeginState, TickFirePressed
FireReleased Source code
simulated state FireReleased
Held Source code
simulated state Held

Variables Detail

bControllableSkinSet Source code

var bool bControllableSkinSet;

bDisallowFire Source code

var bool bDisallowFire;

cableNormTexPanner Source code

var ControllableTexturePanner cableNormTexPanner;

cableShader Source code

var Shader cableShader;

cableTexPanner Source code

var ControllableTexturePanner cableTexPanner;


cableMaterialIndex Source code

var(Grappler) int cableMaterialIndex;

maxRopeLength Source code

var(Grappler) float maxRopeLength;
The maximum length of the rope

reelInDelay Source code

var(Grappler) float reelInDelay;
A delay before reeling in will occur

reelinLengthRate Source code

var(Grappler) float reelinLengthRate;
The rate at which the rope will reel in when the trigger is held

ropeClass Source code

var(Grappler) class<GrapplerRope> ropeClass;

ropeNonCollisionLength Source code

var(Grappler) float ropeNonCollisionLength;
The amount of rope at the end which won't collide, allowing you to swing around things

Functions Detail

ammoSkinChange Source code

simulated function ammoSkinChange ( ) )

beginReelIn Source code

function beginReelIn ( ) )

BeginState FirePressed Source code

simulated function BeginState ( ) )

BeginState FireReleased Source code

simulated function BeginState ( ) )

BeginState Held Source code

simulated function BeginState ( ) )

buildControllableSkins Source code

simulated function buildControllableSkins ( ) )

canUnequip Source code

function bool canUnequip ( ) )

drop Source code

simulated function drop ( ) )

endReelIn Source code

function endReelIn ( ) )

makeProjectile Source code

protected function Projectile makeProjectile ( Rotator fireRot, Vector fireLoc) )

onMessage Source code

simulated function onMessage ( Message m) )

playEquipAnim Source code

simulated function playEquipAnim ( ) )

playIdleAnim Source code

simulated function playIdleAnim ( ) )

playUnequipAnim Source code

simulated function playUnequipAnim ( ) )

PostNetBeginPlay Source code

simulated function PostNetBeginPlay ( ) )

releaseFire Source code

simulated event bool releaseFire ( optional bool bClientOnly) )

requestEquipmentDrop Source code

protected function requestEquipmentDrop ( ) )

sendServerRequestDetachGrapple Source code

private function bool sendServerRequestDetachGrapple ( ) )

setControllableSkins Source code

simulated function setControllableSkins ( ) )

setHasAmmoSkins Source code

simulated function setHasAmmoSkins ( ) )

setOutOfAmmo Source code

simulated function setOutOfAmmo ( ) )

Tick Source code

simulated function Tick ( float DeltaTime) )

TickFirePressed FirePressed Source code

simulated function TickFirePressed ( ) )

Timer Source code

simulated function Timer ( ) )


	cableMaterialIndex = 1

    firstPersonMesh = SkeletalMesh'Weapons.Grappler'
	firstPersonOffset = (X=-26,Y=22,Z=-18)

	roundsPerSecond = 1.0
	ammoCount = 10
	ammoUsage = 1

	projectileClass = class'GrapplerProjectile'
	projectileVelocity = 2500

	ropeClass = class'GrapplerRope'
	ropeNonCollisionLength = 300
	maxRopeLength = 3000

	reelinLengthRate = 500
	reelInDelay = 0.5

	aimClass = class'AimProjectileWeapons'
	animClass = class'CharacterEquippableAnimator'

	animPrefix = "Grappler"

Overview Package Class Source Class tree Glossary
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