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+-- Engine.Actor
   +-- Gameplay.Equipment
      +-- Gameplay.Equippable
         +-- Gameplay.Weapon
            +-- Gameplay.Buckler

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from Gameplay.Weapon
AIAccelerationModifier, aimClass, AIspread, ammoCount, ammoUsage, bBeingSwitched, bFiredWeapon, bGenerateMissSpeechEvents, bMelee, bNeedIdleFX, emptyMaterials, fireAnimation, fireAnimSubString, fireOnce, hudReticule, hudReticuleCenterX, hudReticuleCenterY, hudReticuleHeight, hudReticuleWidth, lastFireTime, localAmmoCount, localPickupDelay, noAmmo, pickupDelay, projectileClass, projectileInheritedVelFactor, projectileSpawnBone, projectileSpawnOffset, projectileVelocity, roundsPerSecond, speedPackScale, startEquippingTime
Inherited Variables from Gameplay.Equippable
animClass, animPrefix, attemptedAttach, automaticallyHold, bFirstPersonUseTrace, bIsFirstPerson, bMeshChangeOK, bPlayedCharacterEquipAnim, demoFireCount, equipDuration, equipDurationCounter, equippablePos, equipped, equippedArmAnim, fireCount, fireState, firstPersonAltMesh, firstPersonAltOffset, firstPersonAltTraceExtent, firstPersonAltTraceLength, firstPersonBobMultiplier, firstPersonInterpCurrent, firstPersonInterpStep, firstPersonInterpTarget, firstPersonMesh, firstPersonOffset, firstPersonTraceExtent, firstPersonTraceLength, localDemoFireCount, localFireCount, releaseFireState, rookMotor, rookOwner, startEquippingTime, thirdPersonAltMesh, thirdPersonAltStaticMesh, thirdPersonAttachmentBone, thirdPersonAttachmentOffset, thirdPersonMesh, thirdPersonStaticMesh, unequipDuration

Functions Summary
function BeginState ()))
function Destroyed ()))
function extractFirstPersonMeshData ()))
function FireWeapon ()))
function initialiseVelocity (Projectile p, Vector InitialVelocity))
functionbool keepArms ()))
function lost ()))
functionProjectile makeProjectile (Rotator fireRot, Vector fireLoc))
function moveWeapon ()))
function pickup (Character newOwner))
function playEquipAnim ()))
function playIdleAnim ()))
function playPostFireAnim ()))
function playUnequipAnim ()))
function PostBeginPlay ()))
function PostNetReceive ()))
function returned ()))
function setDropLocation ()))
function setDropVelocity ()))
function setupDropped ()))
functionbool shouldHide (bool bIsFirstPerson))
function Tick (float Delta))
function TickFirePressed ()))
function Timer ()))
Inherited Functions from Gameplay.Weapon
addSpeedPackScale, AIAimTrace, aimTrace, allowPrompt, altFire, applyPickupDelay, attemptFire, BeginState, calcProjectileSpawnLocation, canExpire, canFire, canPickup, Destroyed, doSwitch, drawDebug, droppedByCharacter, EndState, extractFirstPersonMeshData, fire, firedEffectProcessing, FireEmpty, fireRatePassed, FireWeapon, getAimAdjustedViewRotation, getAimRotation, getMaxAmmo, getPredictedProjectileGravity, GetProjectileSpreadScale, handleReleaseFire, hasAmmo, heldByCharacter, increaseAmmo, initialiseVelocity, makeProjectile, needPrompt, onThirdPersonFireCount, pickup, playCharacterFireAnim, playEquipAnim, playIdleAnim, playPostFireAnim, playUnequipAnim, PostNetBeginPlay, PostNetReceive, PrecacheWeaponRenderData, releaseAltFire, removeSpeedPackScale, requestEquipmentDrop, setHasAmmoSkins, setOutOfAmmo, setupFirstPerson, Tick, TickFirePressed, TriggerWeaponEffect, UpdatePrecacheRenderData, useAmmo, willHurtFriendly
Inherited Functions from Gameplay.Equippable
armsFirstPersonStatus, attachWeaponHack, BeginState, calculateInterpolation, canUnequip, checkFireCount, drawDebug, EndState, equip, fire, firstPersonStatus, getFirstPersonOffset, handleFire, handleReleaseFire, initialiseRookMotor, keepArms, moveWeapon, onMessage, onThirdPersonFireCount, pickup, playEquipAnim, playIdleAnim, playUnequipAnim, PostBeginPlay, PostNetBeginPlay, PrecacheEquippableRenderData, releaseFire, selectMesh, sendServerRequestFire, sendServerRequestReleaseFire, setDroppedMesh, setFirstPersonOffset, setMovementReplication, setupFirstPerson, setupThirdPerson, shouldHide, shouldPlayEquipAnim, Tick, unEquip, UpdatePrecacheRenderData, useAlternateMesh

States Summary
Dropped Source code
simulated state Dropped
FirePressed Source code
simulated state FirePressed
Held Source code
simulated state Held
Launching Source code
simulated state Launching

Variables Detail

bDeflected Source code

var bool bDeflected;

bLocalDeflected Source code

var bool bLocalDeflected;

bLocalLost Source code

var bool bLocalLost;

bLost Source code

var bool bLost;

cosDeflectionAngle Source code

var float cosDeflectionAngle;

failedReturnLocation Source code

var Vector failedReturnLocation;

failedReturnVelocity Source code

var Vector failedReturnVelocity;

fireLoc Source code

var Vector fireLoc;

lastCheckTime Source code

var float lastCheckTime;

localAmmoCount Source code

var int localAmmoCount;

proj Source code

var BucklerProjectile proj;


checkingDamage Source code

var(Buckler) float checkingDamage;
The amount of damage applied when you bodycheck someone while holding this

checkingDmgVelMultiplier Source code

var(Buckler) float checkingDmgVelMultiplier;
The amount to scale damage by according to the relative velocities of the holder and target

checkingMultiplier Source code

var(Buckler) float checkingMultiplier;
The amount of momentum to impart

deflectionAngle Source code

var(Buckler) float deflectionAngle;
Angle of a cone in front of you which determines how effectively projectiles will be deflected

lostReturnDelay Source code

var(Buckler) float lostReturnDelay;
The number of seconds to wait before returning after it has become lost

minCheckRate Source code

var(Buckler) float minCheckRate;
The minimum amount of time that must pass between successive bodychecks

minCheckVelocity Source code

var(Buckler) float minCheckVelocity;
Holder or target must be going at least this fast in order to bodycheck

projSpawnDelay Source code

var(Buckler) float projSpawnDelay;

Functions Detail

BeginState Held Source code

simulated function BeginState ( ) )

Destroyed Source code

simulated function Destroyed ( ) )

extractFirstPersonMeshData Source code

simulated function extractFirstPersonMeshData ( ) )

FireWeapon Source code

simulated protected function FireWeapon ( ) )

initialiseVelocity Source code

function initialiseVelocity ( Projectile p, Vector InitialVelocity) )

keepArms Source code

simulated function bool keepArms ( ) )

lost Source code

simulated function lost ( ) )

makeProjectile Source code

protected function Projectile makeProjectile ( Rotator fireRot, Vector fireLoc) )

moveWeapon Source code

simulated function moveWeapon ( ) )

pickup Source code

function pickup ( Character newOwner) )

playEquipAnim Source code

simulated function playEquipAnim ( ) )

playIdleAnim Source code

simulated function playIdleAnim ( ) )

playPostFireAnim Source code

simulated protected function playPostFireAnim ( ) )

playUnequipAnim Source code

simulated function playUnequipAnim ( ) )

PostBeginPlay Source code

simulated function PostBeginPlay ( ) )

PostNetReceive Source code

simulated function PostNetReceive ( ) )

returned Source code

simulated function returned ( ) )

setDropLocation Source code

function setDropLocation ( ) )

setDropVelocity Source code

function setDropVelocity ( ) )

setupDropped Dropped Source code

function setupDropped ( ) )

shouldHide Source code

simulated function bool shouldHide ( bool bIsFirstPerson) )

Tick Launching Source code

simulated function Tick ( float Delta) )

TickFirePressed FirePressed Source code

simulated function TickFirePressed ( ) )

Timer Source code

function Timer ( ) )


	bNetNotify = true

	firstPersonMesh = Mesh'Weapons.buckler'
	firstPersonOffset = (X=-15,Y=22,Z=-15)
	roundsPerSecond = 1.0

	bNeedIdleFX = true

	projSpawnDelay = 0.1

	lostReturnDelay = 3.0

	projectileClass = class'BucklerProjectile'
	projectileVelocity = 1000
	projectileInheritedVelFactor = 1.0

	checkingDamage = 15
	checkingDmgVelMultiplier = 0.01
	checkingMultiplier = 300
	minCheckRate = 0.2
	minCheckVelocity = 800

	deflectionAngle = 30.0

	aimClass = class'AimProjectileWeapons'
	animClass = class'CharacterEquippableAnimator'

	animPrefix = "Buckler"
	equippedArmAnim = "weapon_buckler_hold"

	bGenerateMissSpeechEvents = false

Overview Package Class Source Class tree Glossary
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