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HideCategories ( Menu , Object ) Native

   +-- GUI.GUIComponent
      +-- GUI.GUIMultiComponent

Direct Known Subclasses:

GUIComboBox, GUIDualSelectionLists, GUIFloatEdit, GUIListBoxBase, GUIMenuOption, GUIMultiColumnList, GUINumericEdit, GUIPage, GUIPanel, GUIScrollBarBase, GUITabControl, TribesInventoryWeaponSlot

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from GUI.GUIComponent
bAcceptsInput, bActiveInput, bAllowHTMLTextFormatting, bAllowPressedEffect, bBoundToParent, bCanBeShown, bCaptureMouse, bCaptureTabs, bDirty, bDrawStyle, bFocusOnWatch, bHideMouseCursor, bHitTestOnClientBounds, bInited, bMaintainFocus, bMouseOverSound, bNeverFocus, Bounds[4], bPersistent, bPlayerMoveAllowed, bRepeatClick, bRepeatCycling, bRepositioning, bRequireReleaseClick, bSaved, bScaled, bScaleToParent, bSwallowAllKeyEvents, bTabStop, bTimerRepeat, bVisible, ClientBounds[4], CyclePosition, FocusInstead, Hint, LinkOverrides[4], Links[4], MenuOwner, MenuState, MouseCursorIndex, MoveGroup, MovePositions, OnClickSound, RadioGroup, RenderWeight, SaveColor, SaveFont, SaveStyle, SaveX, SaveY, Style, StyleName, TabOrder, TimerCountdown, TimerIndex, TimerInterval, TransitionSpec, UndoHistory, UndoLevel, WinHeight, WinLeft, WinTop, WinWidth
Inherited Variables from GUI.GUI
Controller, QBTN_Abort, QBTN_AbortRetry, QBTN_Cancel, QBTN_Continue, QBTN_Ignore, QBTN_No, QBTN_Ok, QBTN_OkCancel, QBTN_Retry, QBTN_TimeOut, QBTN_Yes, QBTN_YesNo, QBTN_YesNoCancel

Enumerations Summary
Inherited Enumerations from GUI.GUIComponent
Inherited Enumerations from GUI.GUI
eEditMask, eIconPosition, eImgAlign, eImgStyle, eListElemDisplay, EMenuRenderStyle, eMenuState, eProgressDirection, eTextAlign, eTextCase, eXControllerCodes

Structures Summary
Inherited Structures from GUI.GUIComponent
sDynamicPositionSpec, sTransitionSpec
Inherited Structures from GUI.GUI
ControlSpec, GUIListElem

Functions Summary
event Activate ()))
eventGUIComponent AddComponent (string ComponentClass, optional string ComponentName, optional bool bInitNewComponent ))
eventGUIComponent AppendComponent (GUIComponent NewComp))
event BringBackward (GUIComponent Ctrl ))
event BringForward (GUIComponent Ctrl ))
event BringToBack (GUIComponent Ctrl ))
event BringToFront (GUIComponent Ctrl ))
eventGUIComponent CreateControl (string theClass, string theName ))
event DeActivate ()))
event DisableComponent ()))
event EnableComponent ()))
function FindCenterPoint (GUIComponent What, out float X, out float Y))
eventGUIComponent FindComponent (string theName, optional bool bExact, optional bool bAssert ))
eventint FindComponentIndex (GUIComponent Who))
functionint FindControlIndex (GUIComponent Who))
functionfloat FindDist (GUIComponent Source, GUIComponent Target))
event Free (optional bool bForce ))
event Hide ()))
function InitComponent (GUIComponent MyOwner))
function InitializeControls ()
eventGUIComponent InsertComponent (GUIComponent NewComp, int Index))
function InternalBringBackward (GUIComponent Ctrl ))
function InternalBringForward (GUIComponent Ctrl ))
function LogControls ()))
function MapControls ()))
function OnConstruct (GUIController MyController))
event RemapComponents ()))
eventbool RemoveComponent (GUIComponent Comp, optional bool bRemap))
eventbool RemoveControl (GUIComponent Ctrl ))
event ReorderComponents ()))
function ReweightComponents ()))
function SaveLayout (bool FlushToDisk))
function SetRadioGroup (GUIRadioButton group ))
event Show ()))
function SwapControlIndicies (int x, int y ))
event TabControl (int offset ))
functionbool TestControls (int Mode, int SourceIndex, int TargetIndex))
Inherited Functions from GUI.GUIComponent
Activate, ActualHeight, ActualLeft, ActualTop, ActualWidth, ChangeStyle, Click, Construct, CyclePositions, DblClick, DeActivate, DisableComponent, EnableComponent, FillOwner, Focus, Free, Hide, InitComponent, InitDelegates, IsAtPosition, IsInBounds, IsInClientBounds, KillTimer, LoadLayoutFromHistory, LoseFocus, MenuStateChange, MousePressed, MouseReleased, OnChangeLayout, OnConstruct, OnResolutionChanged, PlayerOwner, Press, RedoLayout, RegisterNotifyResolutionChanged, RePosition, RePositionCompleted, RePositionTo, SaveLayout, SaveLayoutToHistory, SetActive, SetDirty, SetEnabled, SetFocusInstead, SetHint, SetLinkOverrides, SetLinks, SetRadioGroup, SetTimer, SetVisibility, Show, StopCycling, StripColorCodes, Timer, UndoLayout, Watched
Inherited Functions from GUI.GUI
CopyConfig, CreateElement, IsDigit, MakeColorCode, StripCodes

Variables Detail


Components Source code

var(GUIMultiComponent) editinline EditConst array<GUIComponent> Components;
An Array of Controls that can be tabbed to

Controls Source code

var(GUIMultiComponent) editinline EditConst array<GUIComponent> Controls;
An Array of Components that make up this Control

ControlSpecs Source code

var(GUIMultiComponent) config editinline array<ControlSpec> ControlSpecs;
Config-ed controls, Please add/remove using Ctrl+N & Ctrl+Delete in the GUI Editor

PropagateActivity Source code

var(GUIMultiComponent) config bool PropagateActivity;
Does changes to activity propagate down the line

PropagateState Source code

var(GUIMultiComponent) config bool PropagateState;
Does changes to MenuState propagate down the line

PropagateVisibility Source code

var(GUIMultiComponent) config bool PropagateVisibility;
Does changes to visibility propagate down the line

Functions Detail

Activate Source code

event Activate ( ) )

AddComponent Source code

event GUIComponent AddComponent ( string ComponentClass, optional string ComponentName, optional bool bInitNewComponent ) )

AppendComponent Source code

event GUIComponent AppendComponent ( GUIComponent NewComp) )

BringBackward Source code

event BringBackward ( GUIComponent Ctrl ) )

BringForward Source code

event BringForward ( GUIComponent Ctrl ) )

BringToBack Source code

event BringToBack ( GUIComponent Ctrl ) )

BringToFront Source code

event BringToFront ( GUIComponent Ctrl ) )

CreateControl Source code

event GUIComponent CreateControl ( string theClass, string theName ) )

DeActivate Source code

event DeActivate ( ) )

DisableComponent Source code

event DisableComponent ( ) )

EnableComponent Source code

event EnableComponent ( ) )

FindCenterPoint Source code

function FindCenterPoint ( GUIComponent What, out float X, out float Y) )

FindComponent Source code

event GUIComponent FindComponent ( string theName, optional bool bExact, optional bool bAssert ) )

FindComponentIndex Source code

event int FindComponentIndex ( GUIComponent Who) )

FindControlIndex Source code

private function int FindControlIndex ( GUIComponent Who) )

FindDist Source code

function float FindDist ( GUIComponent Source, GUIComponent Target) )

Free Source code

event Free ( optional bool bForce ) )

Hide Source code

event Hide ( ) )

InitComponent Source code

function InitComponent ( GUIComponent MyOwner) )

InitializeControls Source code

native function InitializeControls ( )

InsertComponent Source code

event GUIComponent InsertComponent ( GUIComponent NewComp, int Index) )

InternalBringBackward Source code

private function InternalBringBackward ( GUIComponent Ctrl ) )

InternalBringForward Source code

private function InternalBringForward ( GUIComponent Ctrl ) )

LogControls Source code

function LogControls ( ) )

MapControls Source code

function MapControls ( ) )

OnConstruct Source code

function OnConstruct ( GUIController MyController) )

RemapComponents Source code

event RemapComponents ( ) )

RemoveComponent Source code

event bool RemoveComponent ( GUIComponent Comp, optional bool bRemap) )

RemoveControl Source code

event bool RemoveControl ( GUIComponent Ctrl ) )

ReorderComponents Source code

event ReorderComponents ( ) )

ReweightComponents Source code

function ReweightComponents ( ) )

SaveLayout Source code

function SaveLayout ( bool FlushToDisk) )

SetRadioGroup Source code

function SetRadioGroup ( GUIRadioButton group ) )

Show Source code

event Show ( ) )

SwapControlIndicies Source code

private function SwapControlIndicies ( int x, int y ) )

TabControl Source code

event TabControl ( int offset ) )

TestControls Source code

function bool TestControls ( int Mode, int SourceIndex, int TargetIndex) )




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