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HideCategories ( Menu , Object ) Native

   +-- GUI.GUIComponent
      +-- GUI.GUIMultiComponent
         +-- GUI.GUIComboBox

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from GUI.GUIMultiComponent
Components, Controls, ControlSpecs, PropagateActivity, PropagateState, PropagateVisibility
Inherited Variables from GUI.GUIComponent
bAcceptsInput, bActiveInput, bAllowHTMLTextFormatting, bAllowPressedEffect, bBoundToParent, bCanBeShown, bCaptureMouse, bCaptureTabs, bDirty, bDrawStyle, bFocusOnWatch, bHideMouseCursor, bHitTestOnClientBounds, bInited, bMaintainFocus, bMouseOverSound, bNeverFocus, Bounds[4], bPersistent, bPlayerMoveAllowed, bRepeatClick, bRepeatCycling, bRepositioning, bRequireReleaseClick, bSaved, bScaled, bScaleToParent, bSwallowAllKeyEvents, bTabStop, bTimerRepeat, bVisible, ClientBounds[4], CyclePosition, FocusInstead, Hint, LinkOverrides[4], Links[4], MenuOwner, MenuState, MouseCursorIndex, MoveGroup, MovePositions, OnClickSound, RadioGroup, RenderWeight, SaveColor, SaveFont, SaveStyle, SaveX, SaveY, Style, StyleName, TabOrder, TimerCountdown, TimerIndex, TimerInterval, TransitionSpec, UndoHistory, UndoLevel, WinHeight, WinLeft, WinTop, WinWidth

Enumerations Summary
Inherited Enumerations from GUI.GUIComponent

Structures Summary
Inherited Structures from GUI.GUIComponent
sDynamicPositionSpec, sTransitionSpec

Delegates Summary
delegate OnListIndexChanged (GUIComponent Sender)
Inherited Delegates from GUI.GUIComponent
OnActivate, OnCapturedMouseMove, OnChange, OnClick, OnClientDraw, OnDblClick, OnDeActivate, OnDraw, OnFocused, OnHide, OnHitTest, OnKeyEvent, OnKeyType, OnLostFocus, OnMenuStateChanged, OnMessage, OnMousePressed, OnMouseRelease, OnPreDraw, OnRawXController, OnRender, OnRePositionCompleted, OnRightClick, OnShow, OnUpdateComponent, OnWatched, OnXControllerEvent

Functions Summary
event Activate ()))
function AddItem (string Item, Optional object Extra, Optional string Str, optional int theInt, optional bool theBool))
function Clear ()))
function CloseAllCombos ()
functionstring find (string Text, optional bool bExact, optional bool bDontSetIndex))
functionstring Get ()))
functionbool GetBool ()))
functionstring GetExtra ()))
functionint GetIndex ()))
functionint GetInt ()))
functionstring GetItem (int index))
functionobject GetItemObject (int index))
functionobject GetObject ()))
functionstring GetText ()))
function InitComponent (GUIComponent MyOwner))
event InternalCloseList ()))
function InternalOpenList ()))
functionint ItemCount ()))
function OnConstruct (GUIController MyController))
function ReadOnly (bool b))
function RemoveItem (int item, optional int Count))
functionbool SetFromExtra (string ExtraText))
function SetHint (string NewHint))
function SetIndex (int I))
function SetText (string NewText))
event Show ()))
function SubComponentChanged (GUIComponent Sender))
function SubComponentClicked (GUIComponent Sender))
function SubComponentFocusLost (GUIComponent Sender))
Inherited Functions from GUI.GUIMultiComponent
Activate, AddComponent, AppendComponent, BringBackward, BringForward, BringToBack, BringToFront, CreateControl, DeActivate, DisableComponent, EnableComponent, FindCenterPoint, FindComponent, FindComponentIndex, FindControlIndex, FindDist, Free, Hide, InitComponent, InitializeControls, InsertComponent, InternalBringBackward, InternalBringForward, LogControls, MapControls, OnConstruct, RemapComponents, RemoveComponent, RemoveControl, ReorderComponents, ReweightComponents, SaveLayout, SetRadioGroup, Show, SwapControlIndicies, TabControl, TestControls
Inherited Functions from GUI.GUIComponent
Activate, ActualHeight, ActualLeft, ActualTop, ActualWidth, ChangeStyle, Click, Construct, CyclePositions, DblClick, DeActivate, DisableComponent, EnableComponent, FillOwner, Focus, Free, Hide, InitComponent, InitDelegates, IsAtPosition, IsInBounds, IsInClientBounds, KillTimer, LoadLayoutFromHistory, LoseFocus, MenuStateChange, MousePressed, MouseReleased, OnChangeLayout, OnConstruct, OnResolutionChanged, PlayerOwner, Press, RedoLayout, RegisterNotifyResolutionChanged, RePosition, RePositionCompleted, RePositionTo, SaveLayout, SaveLayoutToHistory, SetActive, SetDirty, SetEnabled, SetFocusInstead, SetHint, SetLinkOverrides, SetLinks, SetRadioGroup, SetTimer, SetVisibility, Show, StopCycling, StripColorCodes, Timer, UndoLayout, Watched

Variables Detail

Edit Source code

var GUIEditBox Edit;

Index Source code

var int Index;

List Source code

var GUIList List;

MyListBox Source code

var GUIListBox MyListBox;

MyShowListBtn Source code

var GUIComboButton MyShowListBtn;

TextStr Source code

var string TextStr;


bReadOnly Source code

var(GUIComboBox) config bool bReadOnly;
Is this ComboBox read only

bShowListOnFocus Source code

var(GUIComboBox) config bool bShowListOnFocus;
Show the attached list when this recieves focus

MaxVisibleItems Source code

var(GUIComboBox) config int MaxVisibleItems;
Maximum number of lines to display at once

Delegates Detail

OnListIndexChanged Source code

delegate OnListIndexChanged ( GUIComponent Sender )

Functions Detail

Activate Source code

event Activate ( ) )

AddItem Source code

function AddItem ( string Item, Optional object Extra, Optional string Str, optional int theInt, optional bool theBool) )

Clear Source code

function Clear ( ) )

CloseAllCombos Source code

native function CloseAllCombos ( )

find Source code

function string find ( string Text, optional bool bExact, optional bool bDontSetIndex) )

Get Source code

function string Get ( ) )

GetBool Source code

function bool GetBool ( ) )

GetExtra Source code

function string GetExtra ( ) )

GetIndex Source code

function int GetIndex ( ) )

GetInt Source code

function int GetInt ( ) )

GetItem Source code

function string GetItem ( int index) )

GetItemObject Source code

function object GetItemObject ( int index) )

GetObject Source code

function object GetObject ( ) )

GetText Source code

function string GetText ( ) )

InitComponent Source code

function InitComponent ( GUIComponent MyOwner) )

InternalCloseList Source code

private event InternalCloseList ( ) )

InternalOpenList Source code

private function InternalOpenList ( ) )

ItemCount Source code

function int ItemCount ( ) )

OnConstruct Source code

function OnConstruct ( GUIController MyController) )

ReadOnly Source code

function ReadOnly ( bool b) )

RemoveItem Source code

function RemoveItem ( int item, optional int Count) )

SetFromExtra Source code

function bool SetFromExtra ( string ExtraText) )

SetHint Source code

function SetHint ( string NewHint) )

SetIndex Source code

function SetIndex ( int I) )

SetText Source code

function SetText ( string NewText) )

Show Source code

event Show ( ) )

SubComponentChanged Source code

function SubComponentChanged ( GUIComponent Sender) )

SubComponentClicked Source code

function SubComponentClicked ( GUIComponent Sender) )

SubComponentFocusLost Source code

function SubComponentFocusLost ( GUIComponent Sender) )



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