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HideCategories ( Menu , Object ) Native

   +-- GUI.GUIComponent
      +-- GUI.GUIListBase
         +-- GUI.GUICircularList

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from GUI.GUIListBase
bHotTrack, bReadOnly, bVisibleWhenEmpty, Index, ItemCount, ItemHeight, ItemsPerPage, ItemWidth, MyScrollBar, SelectedBKColor, SelectedImage, Top
Inherited Variables from GUI.GUIComponent
bAcceptsInput, bActiveInput, bAllowHTMLTextFormatting, bAllowPressedEffect, bBoundToParent, bCanBeShown, bCaptureMouse, bCaptureTabs, bDirty, bDrawStyle, bFocusOnWatch, bHideMouseCursor, bHitTestOnClientBounds, bInited, bMaintainFocus, bMouseOverSound, bNeverFocus, Bounds[4], bPersistent, bPlayerMoveAllowed, bRepeatClick, bRepeatCycling, bRepositioning, bRequireReleaseClick, bSaved, bScaled, bScaleToParent, bSwallowAllKeyEvents, bTabStop, bTimerRepeat, bVisible, ClientBounds[4], CyclePosition, FocusInstead, Hint, LinkOverrides[4], Links[4], MenuOwner, MenuState, MouseCursorIndex, MoveGroup, MovePositions, OnClickSound, RadioGroup, RenderWeight, SaveColor, SaveFont, SaveStyle, SaveX, SaveY, Style, StyleName, TabOrder, TimerCountdown, TimerIndex, TimerInterval, TransitionSpec, UndoHistory, UndoLevel, WinHeight, WinLeft, WinTop, WinWidth

Enumerations Summary
Inherited Enumerations from GUI.GUIComponent

Structures Summary
Inherited Structures from GUI.GUIComponent
sDynamicPositionSpec, sTransitionSpec

Functions Summary
functionfloat CalculateOffset (float MouseX))
event Click ()))
function End ()))
function Home ()))
function InitComponent (GUIComponent MyOwner))
functionbool InternalOnKeyEvent (out byte Key, out byte State, float delta))
functionbool InternalOnXControllerEvent (byte Id, eXControllerCodes iCode))
function PgDown ()))
function PgUp ()))
function ScrollLeft ()))
function ScrollRight ()))
function WheelDown ()))
function WheelUp ()))
Inherited Functions from GUI.GUIListBase
Clear, InitComponent, MakeVisible, SetIndex, SetTopItem, Sort
Inherited Functions from GUI.GUIComponent
Activate, ActualHeight, ActualLeft, ActualTop, ActualWidth, ChangeStyle, Click, Construct, CyclePositions, DblClick, DeActivate, DisableComponent, EnableComponent, FillOwner, Focus, Free, Hide, InitComponent, InitDelegates, IsAtPosition, IsInBounds, IsInClientBounds, KillTimer, LoadLayoutFromHistory, LoseFocus, MenuStateChange, MousePressed, MouseReleased, OnChangeLayout, OnConstruct, OnResolutionChanged, PlayerOwner, Press, RedoLayout, RegisterNotifyResolutionChanged, RePosition, RePositionCompleted, RePositionTo, SaveLayout, SaveLayoutToHistory, SetActive, SetDirty, SetEnabled, SetFocusInstead, SetHint, SetLinkOverrides, SetLinks, SetRadioGroup, SetTimer, SetVisibility, Show, StopCycling, StripColorCodes, Timer, UndoLayout, Watched

Variables Detail


bAllowSelectEmpty Source code

var(GUICircularList) config bool bAllowSelectEmpty;
If true, allows selection of empty slots

bCenterInBounds Source code

var(GUICircularList) config bool bCenterInBounds;
Center the list in the bounding box

bFillBounds Source code

var(GUICircularList) config bool bFillBounds;
If true, the list will take up the whole bounding box

bIgnoreBackClick Source code

var(GUICircularList) config bool bIgnoreBackClick;
If true, will ignore any click on back region

FixedItemsPerPage Source code

var(GUICircularList) config int FixedItemsPerPage;
There are a fixed number of items in the list

Functions Detail

CalculateOffset Source code

function float CalculateOffset ( float MouseX) )

Click Source code

event Click ( ) )

End Source code

function End ( ) )

Home Source code

function Home ( ) )

InitComponent Source code

function InitComponent ( GUIComponent MyOwner) )

InternalOnKeyEvent Source code

function bool InternalOnKeyEvent ( out byte Key, out byte State, float delta) )

InternalOnXControllerEvent Source code

function bool InternalOnXControllerEvent ( byte Id, eXControllerCodes iCode) )

PgDown Source code

function PgDown ( ) )

PgUp Source code

function PgUp ( ) )

ScrollLeft Source code

function ScrollLeft ( ) )

ScrollRight Source code

function ScrollRight ( ) )

WheelDown Source code

function WheelDown ( ) )

WheelUp Source code

function WheelUp ( ) )



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