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HideCategories ( Menu , Object ) Native

   +-- GUI.GUIComponent
      +-- GUI.GUIMultiComponent
         +-- GUI.GUIPage

Direct Known Subclasses:

CinematicOverlay, TestMenu, TribesCinematicOverlay, TribesGUIPage, TribesIRCChanKey, TribesIRCNewNick

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from GUI.GUIMultiComponent
Components, Controls, ControlSpecs, PropagateActivity, PropagateState, PropagateVisibility
Inherited Variables from GUI.GUIComponent
bAcceptsInput, bActiveInput, bAllowHTMLTextFormatting, bAllowPressedEffect, bBoundToParent, bCanBeShown, bCaptureMouse, bCaptureTabs, bDirty, bDrawStyle, bFocusOnWatch, bHideMouseCursor, bHitTestOnClientBounds, bInited, bMaintainFocus, bMouseOverSound, bNeverFocus, Bounds[4], bPersistent, bPlayerMoveAllowed, bRepeatClick, bRepeatCycling, bRepositioning, bRequireReleaseClick, bSaved, bScaled, bScaleToParent, bSwallowAllKeyEvents, bTabStop, bTimerRepeat, bVisible, ClientBounds[4], CyclePosition, FocusInstead, Hint, LinkOverrides[4], Links[4], MenuOwner, MenuState, MouseCursorIndex, MoveGroup, MovePositions, OnClickSound, RadioGroup, RenderWeight, SaveColor, SaveFont, SaveStyle, SaveX, SaveY, Style, StyleName, TabOrder, TimerCountdown, TimerIndex, TimerInterval, TransitionSpec, UndoHistory, UndoLevel, WinHeight, WinLeft, WinTop, WinWidth

Enumerations Summary
Inherited Enumerations from GUI.GUIComponent

Structures Summary
Inherited Structures from GUI.GUIComponent
sDynamicPositionSpec, sTransitionSpec

Delegates Summary
delegate OnDlgReturned (int returnButton, optional string Passback)
delegate OnPopupReturned (GUIListElem returnObj, optional string Passback)
Inherited Delegates from GUI.GUIComponent
OnActivate, OnCapturedMouseMove, OnChange, OnClick, OnClientDraw, OnDblClick, OnDeActivate, OnDraw, OnFocused, OnHide, OnHitTest, OnKeyEvent, OnKeyType, OnLostFocus, OnMenuStateChanged, OnMessage, OnMousePressed, OnMouseRelease, OnPreDraw, OnRawXController, OnRender, OnRePositionCompleted, OnRightClick, OnShow, OnUpdateComponent, OnWatched, OnXControllerEvent

Functions Summary
event Activate ()))
event ChangeHint (string NewHint))
event DeActivate ()))
function DlgReturned (GUIDlg Dialog ))
event Free (optional bool bForce ))
event HandleParameters (string Param1, string Param2, optional int param3)
event Hide ()))
function InitComponent (GUIComponent MyOwner))
event NotifyLevelChange ()
function onGameplayMessage (Message msg))
function OnProgress (string Str1, string Str2))
functionGUIDlg OpenDlg (String Caption, optional int TheButtons, optional string Passback, optional int TimeOut ))
event Show ()))
Inherited Functions from GUI.GUIMultiComponent
Activate, AddComponent, AppendComponent, BringBackward, BringForward, BringToBack, BringToFront, CreateControl, DeActivate, DisableComponent, EnableComponent, FindCenterPoint, FindComponent, FindComponentIndex, FindControlIndex, FindDist, Free, Hide, InitComponent, InitializeControls, InsertComponent, InternalBringBackward, InternalBringForward, LogControls, MapControls, OnConstruct, RemapComponents, RemoveComponent, RemoveControl, ReorderComponents, ReweightComponents, SaveLayout, SetRadioGroup, Show, SwapControlIndicies, TabControl, TestControls
Inherited Functions from GUI.GUIComponent
Activate, ActualHeight, ActualLeft, ActualTop, ActualWidth, ChangeStyle, Click, Construct, CyclePositions, DblClick, DeActivate, DisableComponent, EnableComponent, FillOwner, Focus, Free, Hide, InitComponent, InitDelegates, IsAtPosition, IsInBounds, IsInClientBounds, KillTimer, LoadLayoutFromHistory, LoseFocus, MenuStateChange, MousePressed, MouseReleased, OnChangeLayout, OnConstruct, OnResolutionChanged, PlayerOwner, Press, RedoLayout, RegisterNotifyResolutionChanged, RePosition, RePositionCompleted, RePositionTo, SaveLayout, SaveLayoutToHistory, SetActive, SetDirty, SetEnabled, SetFocusInstead, SetHint, SetLinkOverrides, SetLinks, SetRadioGroup, SetTimer, SetVisibility, Show, StopCycling, StripColorCodes, Timer, UndoLayout, Watched

Variables Detail


bIsHUD Source code

var(GUIPage) config bool bIsHUD;
If true, underlaying systems should remain active for input (gui should not swallow invalid input)

bIsOverlay Source code

var(GUIPage) config bool bIsOverlay;
If true, underlaying components should remain active

DialogClassName Source code

var(GUIPage) config string DialogClassName;

HelpText Source code

var(GUIPage) Editinline config GUILabel HelpText;
The label that displays the hint for the watched component on this page

Timers Source code

var(GUIPage) Editinline Editconst const array<GUIComponent> Timers;
List of components with Active Timers if last on the stack.

Delegates Detail

OnDlgReturned Source code

delegate OnDlgReturned ( int returnButton, optional string Passback )

OnPopupReturned Source code

delegate OnPopupReturned ( GUIListElem returnObj, optional string Passback )

Functions Detail

Activate Source code

event Activate ( ) )

ChangeHint Source code

event ChangeHint ( string NewHint) )

DeActivate Source code

event DeActivate ( ) )

DlgReturned Source code

final function DlgReturned ( GUIDlg Dialog ) )

Free Source code

event Free ( optional bool bForce ) )

HandleParameters Source code

event HandleParameters ( string Param1, string Param2, optional int param3 )

Hide Source code

event Hide ( ) )

InitComponent Source code

function InitComponent ( GUIComponent MyOwner) )

NotifyLevelChange Source code

event NotifyLevelChange ( )

onGameplayMessage Source code

function onGameplayMessage ( Message msg) )

OnProgress Source code

function OnProgress ( string Str1, string Str2) )

OpenDlg Source code

final function GUIDlg OpenDlg ( String Caption, optional int TheButtons, optional string Passback, optional int TimeOut ) )

Show Source code

event Show ( ) )



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