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Variables Summary

Functions Summary
function addDroppedEquipment (Equipment e)
functionbool allowManualRespawn ()))
functionbool allowObjectAtLoad (Actor a))
functionbool allowSkinChanges ()))
functionString GetGameSpyGameMode ()))
functionclass<InventoryStationAccessgetInventoryStationAccessClass ()))
functionString GetPlayerNamesList ()))
functionTeamInfo GetTeamFromIndex (int index))
functionTeamInfo initialTeam ()))
eventPlayerController Login (string Portal, string Options, out string Error ))
function Logout (Controller Exiting ))
function modifyAI (BaseAICharacter c)
functionfloat modifyHealthKitRate (Rook who, float rate))
function modifyPlayer (SingleplayerCharacter c)
functionfloat modifyRepairRate (Rook who, float rate))
functionint numTeams ()))
function onDeath (PlayerCharacterController c))
function onSpectate (PlayerCharacterController c))
function onUnspectate (PlayerCharacterController c))
functionName playerPawnDestroyedState ()))
functionName playerPawnNoRespawnState ()))
function PostBeginPlay ()))
function PostLoadGame ()))
event PostLogin (PlayerController NewPlayer ))
function preLevelChange ()))
function removeDroppedEquipment (Equipment e)
function respawn (Controller aPlayer, bool bCreateNewPawn ))
function respawnKeepPawn (Controller aPlayer ))
function RestartPlayer (Controller aPlayer ))
functionbool showChatWindow ()))
event Timer ()))
functionPlayerStart tribesFindPlayerStart (Controller Player, TeamInfo InTeam ))
functionfloat tribesRatePlayerStart (PlayerStart P, TeamInfo Team, Controller Player))
functionbool tryRespawn (PlayerCharacterController c))

Variables Detail

CheatClass Source code

var class<CheatManager> CheatClass;

lattice Source code

var LatticeInfo lattice;

msgSent Source code

var transient private bool msgSent;

secondsPassed Source code

var transient private int secondsPassed;


baseDeviceTeamDamagePercentage Source code

var(GameInfo) globalconfig float baseDeviceTeamDamagePercentage;
Members of the same team can damage their base objects' health down to this percentage (0 to disable). Server configurable.

equipmentLifeTime Source code

var(GameInfo) float equipmentLifeTime;

inventoryStationAccessClass Source code

var(GameInfo) class<InventoryStationAccess> inventoryStationAccessClass;
Optional inventory station used by this game type for non-physical inventory selection. Can be overriden in roundDatas.

playerTeamDamagePercentage Source code

var(GameInfo) globalconfig float playerTeamDamagePercentage;
Members of the same team can damage each other's health down to this percentage (0 to disable). Server configurable.

Functions Detail

addDroppedEquipment Source code

function addDroppedEquipment ( Equipment e )

allowManualRespawn Source code

function bool allowManualRespawn ( ) )

allowObjectAtLoad Source code

function bool allowObjectAtLoad ( Actor a) )

allowSkinChanges Source code

function bool allowSkinChanges ( ) )

GetGameSpyGameMode Source code

function String GetGameSpyGameMode ( ) )

getInventoryStationAccessClass Source code

function class<InventoryStationAccess> getInventoryStationAccessClass ( ) )

GetPlayerNamesList Source code

function String GetPlayerNamesList ( ) )

GetTeamFromIndex Source code

function TeamInfo GetTeamFromIndex ( int index) )

initialTeam Source code

function TeamInfo initialTeam ( ) )

Login Source code

event PlayerController Login ( string Portal, string Options, out string Error ) )

Logout Source code

function Logout ( Controller Exiting ) )

modifyAI Source code

function modifyAI ( BaseAICharacter c )

modifyHealthKitRate Source code

function float modifyHealthKitRate ( Rook who, float rate) )

modifyPlayer Source code

function modifyPlayer ( SingleplayerCharacter c )

modifyRepairRate Source code

function float modifyRepairRate ( Rook who, float rate) )

numTeams Source code

function int numTeams ( ) )

onDeath Source code

function onDeath ( PlayerCharacterController c) )

onSpectate Source code

function onSpectate ( PlayerCharacterController c) )

onUnspectate Source code

function onUnspectate ( PlayerCharacterController c) )

playerPawnDestroyedState Source code

function Name playerPawnDestroyedState ( ) )

playerPawnNoRespawnState Source code

function Name playerPawnNoRespawnState ( ) )

PostBeginPlay Source code

function PostBeginPlay ( ) )

PostLoadGame Source code

function PostLoadGame ( ) )

PostLogin Source code

event PostLogin ( PlayerController NewPlayer ) )

preLevelChange Source code

function preLevelChange ( ) )

removeDroppedEquipment Source code

function removeDroppedEquipment ( Equipment e )

respawn Source code

private function respawn ( Controller aPlayer, bool bCreateNewPawn ) )

respawnKeepPawn Source code

function respawnKeepPawn ( Controller aPlayer ) )

RestartPlayer Source code

function RestartPlayer ( Controller aPlayer ) )

showChatWindow Source code

static function bool showChatWindow ( ) )

Timer Source code

event Timer ( ) )

tribesFindPlayerStart Source code

function PlayerStart tribesFindPlayerStart ( Controller Player, TeamInfo InTeam ) )

tribesRatePlayerStart Source code

function float tribesRatePlayerStart ( PlayerStart P, TeamInfo Team, Controller Player) )

tryRespawn Source code

function bool tryRespawn ( PlayerCharacterController c) )


    bDelayedStart			= false
    bRestartLevel			= False
	AccessControlClass		= "Gameplay.AccessControl"
	CheatClass				= class'ConsoleCommandManager'
	MutatorClass			= "Gameplay.Mutator"
	DefaultPlayerClassName	= "Gameplay.Character"
	playerTeamDamagePercentage		= 0.0
	baseDeviceTeamDamagePercentage	= 0.5
	inventoryStationAccessClass = class'InventoryStationStandaloneAccess'
	GameReplicationInfoClass	= class'Gameplay.TribesGameReplicationInfo'

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