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native placeable


Variables Summary

Enumerations Summary
DS_NoDynamics, DS_Full,

Functions Summary
function Construct (actor Owner, optional optional name Tag, optional vector Location, optional rotator Rotation, optional float Scale))
function CreateAlphaStyle ()))
function Died (Controller Killer, class<DamageType> damageType, vector HitLocation))
function Explode ()))
function GetChildSocketName (int Index, out String Name)
function GetExplosionSocketName (int Index, out String Name)
functionEScalabilitySetting GetScalabilitySetting ()
function Initialize (float Scale, StaticMesh Mesh)
function LoadSkinsFromMaterials ()
event NextVersion ()))
function PostTakeDamage (float Damage, Pawn EventInstigator, vector HitLocation, vector Momentum, class<DamageType> DamageType, optional float projectileFactor))
event PreBeginPlay ()))
function PrecacheDynamicObjectRenderData (LevelInfo Level, class<DynamicObject> DynClass))
function Remove ()))
function SetAlpha (byte Amount))
function setNativeActorData (float Scale)
eventbool ShouldProjectileHit (Actor projInstigator))
function SpawnChild (int Index))
function SpawnChildren ()))
function StartFadeOut ()))
event Tick (float DeltaTime))
function Trigger (Actor Other, Pawn EventInstigator))
function unifiedAddForce (Vector force))
function unifiedAddForceAtPosition (Vector force, Vector position))
function unifiedAddImpulse (Vector impulse))
function unifiedAddImpulseAtPosition (Vector impulse, Vector position))
function unifiedAddTorque (Vector torque))
function UpdatePrecacheRenderData ()))

Variables Detail

FadeOutAlpha Source code

var float FadeOutAlpha;

FadeOutLength Source code

var float FadeOutLength;

FadeOutTime Source code

var float FadeOutTime;

FadingOut Source code

var bool FadingOut;

NextVersionCalled Source code

var bool NextVersionCalled;

NextVersionPending Source code

var bool NextVersionPending;

Style Source code

var array<ColorModifier> Style;

StyleCreated Source code

var bool StyleCreated;


AngularDamping Source code

var(DynamicObject) float AngularDamping;
Angular Damping [0,1] 0 = no damping

Blocking Source code

var(DynamicObject) bool Blocking;
Blocks players and collide with other objects

Children Source code

var(DynamicObject) array<class<DynamicObject>> Children;
Child objects spawned when this object is destroyed

Elasticity Source code

var(DynamicObject) float Elasticity;
The elasticity [0,1]

Enabled Source code

var(DynamicObject) bool Enabled;
Start enabled in physics right away

Explosion Source code

var(DynamicObject) bool Explosion;
Launch child objects with initial explosion (true/false)

ExplosionForce Source code

var(DynamicObject) float ExplosionForce;
Force applied to child objects when this object is destroyed

Explosions Source code

var(DynamicObject) array<class<Explosion>> Explosions;
Explosion objects spawned when this object is destroyed

FadeOut Source code

var(DynamicObject) bool FadeOut;
Fadeout object when destroyed (requires material to be setup correctly)

Freeze Source code

var(DynamicObject) bool Freeze;
Child objects all freeze immediately on spawning (useful for art testing)

friction Source code

var(DynamicObject) float friction;
The amount of friction [0,1]

Health Source code

var(DynamicObject) float Health;
The amount of health in the object

Invulnerable Source code

var(DynamicObject) bool Invulnerable;
Object will be invulnerable to weapon attacks

Lifetime Source code

var(DynamicObject) float Lifetime;
Object will only appear in the world for this long before fading out

LimitedLife Source code

var(DynamicObject) bool LimitedLife;
If true, object will only hang around for Lifetime amount of time after spawning

LinearDamping Source code

var(DynamicObject) float LinearDamping;
Linear Damping [0,1] 0 = no damping

Mass Source code

var(DynamicObject) float Mass;
The mass of the object (kg)

Shadows Source code

var(DynamicObject) bool Shadows;
Use projected shadows with this object (expensive)

Stationary Source code

var(DynamicObject) bool Stationary;
The object is stationary and cannot move

Volatile Source code

var(DynamicObject) bool Volatile;
Object will explode immediately on collision or when hit with a weapon

Enumerations Detail

EScalabilitySetting Source code

enum EScalabilitySetting
DS_NoDynamics, DS_Full,

Functions Detail

Construct Source code

overloaded function Construct ( actor Owner, optional optional name Tag, optional vector Location, optional rotator Rotation, optional float Scale) )

CreateAlphaStyle Source code

function CreateAlphaStyle ( ) )

Died Source code

function Died ( Controller Killer, class<DamageType> damageType, vector HitLocation) )

Explode Source code

function Explode ( ) )

GetChildSocketName Source code

native function GetChildSocketName ( int Index, out String Name )

GetExplosionSocketName Source code

native function GetExplosionSocketName ( int Index, out String Name )

GetScalabilitySetting Source code

native function EScalabilitySetting GetScalabilitySetting ( )

Initialize Source code

native function Initialize ( float Scale, StaticMesh Mesh )

LoadSkinsFromMaterials Source code

native function LoadSkinsFromMaterials ( )

NextVersion Source code

event NextVersion ( ) )

PostTakeDamage Source code

function PostTakeDamage ( float Damage, Pawn EventInstigator, vector HitLocation, vector Momentum, class<DamageType> DamageType, optional float projectileFactor) )

PreBeginPlay Source code

event PreBeginPlay ( ) )

PrecacheDynamicObjectRenderData Source code

static simulated function PrecacheDynamicObjectRenderData ( LevelInfo Level, class<DynamicObject> DynClass) )

Remove Source code

function Remove ( ) )

SetAlpha Source code

function SetAlpha ( byte Amount) )

setNativeActorData Source code

native final function setNativeActorData ( float Scale )

ShouldProjectileHit Source code

simulated event bool ShouldProjectileHit ( Actor projInstigator) )

SpawnChild Source code

function SpawnChild ( int Index) )

SpawnChildren Source code

function SpawnChildren ( ) )

StartFadeOut Source code

function StartFadeOut ( ) )

Tick Source code

event Tick ( float DeltaTime) )

Trigger Source code

function Trigger ( Actor Other, Pawn EventInstigator) )

unifiedAddForce Source code

function unifiedAddForce ( Vector force) )

unifiedAddForceAtPosition Source code

function unifiedAddForceAtPosition ( Vector force, Vector position) )

unifiedAddImpulse Source code

function unifiedAddImpulse ( Vector impulse) )

unifiedAddImpulseAtPosition Source code

function unifiedAddImpulseAtPosition ( Vector impulse, Vector position) )

unifiedAddTorque Source code

function unifiedAddTorque ( Vector torque) )

UpdatePrecacheRenderData Source code

simulated function UpdatePrecacheRenderData ( ) )



	Health = 100
	Mass = 50
	Elasticity = 0.3
	friction = 0.8
	LinearDamping = 0
	AngularDamping = 0.05

	Invulnerable = false
	Blocking = true
	Stationary = false
	Enabled = false
	Shadows = true
	Volatile = false
	Freeze = false
	FadeOut = false

	Explosion = true
	ExplosionForce = 10000

	LimitedLife = false
	LifeTime = 0


	FadingOut = false
	FadeOutAlpha = 255
	FadeOutTime = 0
	FadeOutLength = 0.5


    NextVersionPending = false
	NextVersionCalled = false


    bNoDelete = false
	bActorShadows = true
	RemoteRole = ROLE_None
	StaticMesh = StaticMesh'PhysicsObjects.Cube'

	bNeedLifetimeEffectEvents = true

Overview Package Class Source Class tree Glossary
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