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+-- Gameplay.Armor

Direct Known Subclasses:

TestArmor, tmodArmorHeavy, tmodArmorLight, tmodArmorMedium

Constants Summary
Inherited Contants from Core.Object
MaxInt, Pi, RF_NotForClient, RF_NotForEdit, RF_NotForServer, RF_Public, RF_Transactional, RF_Transient, RF_Unnamed

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from Core.Object
Class, Name, ObjectFlags, ObjectInternal[6], Outer

Enumerations Summary
Inherited Enumerations from Core.Object
EAxis, ECamOrientation, ESheerAxis

Structures Summary
typeClass, quantity
typeClass, quantity
typeClass, quantity
typeClass, quantity
Inherited Structures from Core.Object
BoundingVolume, Box, Color, CompressedPosition, Coords, GameSpyServerData, Guid, IntegerRange, InterpCurve, InterpCurvePoint, MatCoords, Matrix, Plane, Quat, Range, RangeVector, Rotator, Scale, Vector

Functions Summary
function equip (Character c))
functionclass<HandGrenadegetHandGrenadeClass ()))
functionclass<ConsumablegetHealthKitClass ()))
functionbool isConsumableAllowed (class<Consumable> typeClass))
functionbool isDeployableAllowed (class<Deployable> typeClass))
functionbool isDriverAllowed (class<Vehicle> typeClass))
functionbool isPackAllowed (class<Pack> typeClass))
functionbool isPassengerAllowed (class<Vehicle> typeClass))
functionbool isWeaponAllowed (class<Weapon> typeClass))
functionint maxAmmo (class<Weapon> typeClass))
functionint maxConsumable (class<Consumable> typeClass))
functionint maxDeployable (class<Object> typeClass))
functionint maxGrenades ()))
functionint maxHealthKits ()))
functionbool useAlternateWeaponMesh ()))
Inherited Functions from Core.Object
!, !=, $, $=, %, &, &&, *, **, *=, +, ++, +=, -, --, -=, / , /=, <, <<, <=, ==, >, >=, >>, >>>, @, @=, Abs, Acos, AllClasses, AllEditableProperties, Allocate, AllProperties, AppSeconds, Asc, Asin, AssertWithDescription, Atan, BeginState, CanSLog, Caps, Chr, Clamp, ClassConstruct, ClassIsChildOf, ClockwiseFrom, CommonBase, Construct, Cos, Cross, DecodeFromURL, Disable, Div, Dot, DynamicFindObject, DynamicLoadObject, Enable, EncodeForURL, EndState, Eval, Exp, FClamp, FindObject, FlushConfig, FMax, FMin, FRand, GetAxes, GetBuildNumber, GetEnum, GetMinCompatibleBuildNumber, GetPropertyText, GetStateName, GetSuperClass, GetUnAxes, GotoState, Hash, HasUnicode, InStr, InterpCurveEval, InterpCurveGetInputDomain, InterpCurveGetOutputRange, Inverse, Invert, IsA, IsInState, IsNearlyZero, IsUTracing, IsValidForURL, IsZero, Left, Len, Lerp, Localize, Locs, Log, Loge, LogGuardStack, Max, Mid, Min, MirrorVectorByNormal, Normal, Normalize, NullReferences, OrthoRotation, QuatFindBetween, QuatFromAxisAndAngle, QuatFromRotator, QuatInvert, QuatProduct, QuatRotateVector, QuatToRotator, Rand, RandRange, Repl, replaceStr, ResetConfig, Right, RotRand, SaveConfig, SetPropertyText, SetUTracing, Sin, Sleep, SLog, Smerp, Split, Sqrt, Square, StaticSaveConfig, StrCmp, Tan, VDist, VDistSquared, VRand, VSize, VSize2D, VSizeSquared, VSizeSquared2D, Warn, ^, ^^, |, ||, ~, ~=

Variables Detail

bRestrictions Source code

var bool bRestrictions;


AllowedConsumables Source code

var(Armor) private editinline Array<QuantityConsumable> AllowedConsumables;

AllowedDeployables Source code

var(Armor) private editinline Array<QuantityDeployable> AllowedDeployables;

AllowedDriver Source code

var(Armor) private Array<class<Vehicle>> AllowedDriver;

AllowedGrenades Source code

var(Armor) private editinline QuantityGrenades AllowedGrenades;

AllowedPacks Source code

var(Armor) private Array<class<Pack>> AllowedPacks;

AllowedPassenger Source code

var(Armor) private Array<class<Vehicle>> AllowedPassenger;

AllowedWeapons Source code

var(Armor) private editinline Array<QuantityWeapon> AllowedWeapons;

ammoMod Source code

var(Armor) float ammoMod;
Multiplier applied to the amount of ammunition bought from an inventory station (NOT IMPLEMENTED)

armorName Source code

var(Armor) localized string armorName;
Name to display to the user, eg: 'Light'

bCanUseTurrets Source code

var(Armor) bool bCanUseTurrets;
Whether the armor can get into turrets or not

breathingDurationMod Source code

var(Armor) float breathingDurationMod;
Multiplier for the character's breathing duration (NOT IMPLEMENTED)

bUseAlternateWeaponMesh Source code

var(Armor) bool bUseAlternateWeaponMesh;
The the alternate mesh defined for a weapon

collisionDamageMod Source code

var(Armor) float collisionDamageMod;
Multiplier affecting collision damage (NOT IMPLEMENTED)

collisionHeight Source code

var(Armor) float collisionHeight;
The height of the character's collision cylinder while wearing the armor

collisionRadius Source code

var(Armor) float collisionRadius;
The radius of the character's collision cylinder while wearing the armor

energy Source code

var(Armor) float energy;
The amount of energy the character has while wearing the armour *THIS SHOULD MATCH THE MOVEMENT CONFIG*

eyeHeight Source code

var(Armor) float eyeHeight;
The eye-height of the first person camera while wearing the armor

fallbackWeaponClass Source code

var(Armor) class<Weapon> fallbackWeaponClass;
The weapon used when all else fails

HavokParamsClass Source code

var(Armor) class<HavokSkeletalSystem> HavokParamsClass;
The Havok Ragdoll parameters that the character will assume while wearing the armor

headFraction Source code

var(Armor) float headFraction;
The fraction of the collision height that represents the head of the character while wearing the armor

health Source code

var(Armor) float health;
The amount of health the character has while wearing the armour

heightIndex Source code

var(Armor) int heightIndex;
An index representingthe height ofthe armour, used for aligning the InventoryStation arm

hudIcon Source code

var(Armor) Material hudIcon;
The icon displayed in the player's hud while wearing the armor

infoString Source code

var(Armor) localized String infoString;
String shown in the inventory screen describing the armor

jetPackNoise Source code

var(Armor) float jetPackNoise;
How much noise the jet-pack makes (NOT IMPLEMENTED)

knockbackScale Source code

var(Armor) float knockbackScale;
Scales the amount of knockback from weapons and explosions

maxCarriedWeapons Source code

var(Armor) int maxCarriedWeapons;
The maximum number of weapons that can be carried

movementConfiguration Source code

var(Armor) String movementConfiguration;
The movement configuration that the character will assume while wearing the armor

movementConfigurationFastActive Source code

var(Armor) String movementConfigurationFastActive;
The movement configuration that the character will assume when activating a Speed Pack

movementConfigurationFastPassive Source code

var(Armor) String movementConfigurationFastPassive;
The movement configuration that the character will assume when wearing a Speed Pack

movementCrushingDamageTypeClass Source code

var(Armor) class<MovementCrushingDamageType> movementCrushingDamageTypeClass;
Damage type used for movement crushing damage eg. large havok objects landing on your head (not vehicles)

movementDamageOtherTypeClass Source code

var(Armor) class<MovementCollisionDamageType> movementDamageOtherTypeClass;
Damage type used for when you hit another character and damage them. allows an icon for a heavy splatting a light etc.

movementDamageTypeClass Source code

var(Armor) class<MovementCollisionDamageType> movementDamageTypeClass;
Damage type used for movement collision damage

noise Source code

var(Armor) float noise;
How much noise the armor makes when moving (i.e. footsteps). This affects how easily the player can be detected by the AI and human players (NOT IMPLEMENTED)

personalShieldClass Source code

var(Armor) class<Shield> personalShieldClass;
The class of shield to use for this armor, or None to disable

radarInfoClass Source code

var(Armor) class<RadarInfo> radarInfoClass;
Radar info class defineing how this object is marked in the hud

speechTag Source code

var(Armor) String speechTag;
The loopup tag when pooling dynamic speech based on armor conditions (eg: Light, Medium..)

suicideDamageTypeClass Source code

var(Armor) class<DamageType> suicideDamageTypeClass;
Damage type used for when a player suicides on purpose

Structures Detail

QuantityConsumable Source code

struct QuantityConsumable
var(Armor) int quantity;
var(Armor) class<Consumable> typeClass;

QuantityDeployable Source code

struct QuantityDeployable
var(Armor) int quantity;
var(Armor) class<Deployable> typeClass;

QuantityGrenades Source code

struct QuantityGrenades
var(Armor) int quantity;
var(Armor) class<HandGrenade> typeClass;

QuantityWeapon Source code

struct QuantityWeapon
var(Armor) int quantity;
var(Armor) class<Weapon> typeClass;

Functions Detail

equip Source code

static function equip ( Character c) )

getHandGrenadeClass Source code

static function class<HandGrenade> getHandGrenadeClass ( ) )

getHealthKitClass Source code

static function class<Consumable> getHealthKitClass ( ) )

isConsumableAllowed Source code

static function bool isConsumableAllowed ( class<Consumable> typeClass) )

isDeployableAllowed Source code

static function bool isDeployableAllowed ( class<Deployable> typeClass) )

isDriverAllowed Source code

static function bool isDriverAllowed ( class<Vehicle> typeClass) )

isPackAllowed Source code

static function bool isPackAllowed ( class<Pack> typeClass) )

isPassengerAllowed Source code

static function bool isPassengerAllowed ( class<Vehicle> typeClass) )

isWeaponAllowed Source code

static function bool isWeaponAllowed ( class<Weapon> typeClass) )

maxAmmo Source code

static function int maxAmmo ( class<Weapon> typeClass) )

maxConsumable Source code

static function int maxConsumable ( class<Consumable> typeClass) )

maxDeployable Source code

static function int maxDeployable ( class<Object> typeClass) )

maxGrenades Source code

static function int maxGrenades ( ) )

maxHealthKits Source code

static function int maxHealthKits ( ) )

useAlternateWeaponMesh Source code

static function bool useAlternateWeaponMesh ( ) )


	eyeHeight			= 64
	headFraction		= 0.2
	hudIcon				= texture'Engine_res.S_Actor'
	maxCarriedWeapons	= 3
	heightIndex			= 1
	armorName			= "Light"
	speechTag			= "Light"
	infoString			= "[Info not available]"
	bRestrictions		= true
	radarInfoClass		= class'Gameplay.RadarInfo'
	bCanUseTurrets		= true
	knockbackScale      = 1.0

	suicideDamageTypeClass = class'Engine.Suicided'

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