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+-- Engine.HavokObject
   +-- Engine.HavokSkeletalSystem

Constants Summary
Inherited Contants from Core.Object
MaxInt, Pi, RF_NotForClient, RF_NotForEdit, RF_NotForServer, RF_Public, RF_Transactional, RF_Transient, RF_Unnamed

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from Engine.HavokObject
Inherited Variables from Core.Object
Class, Name, ObjectFlags, ObjectInternal[6], Outer

Enumerations Summary
Inherited Enumerations from Core.Object
EAxis, ECamOrientation, ESheerAxis

Structures Summary
Inherited Structures from Core.Object
BoundingVolume, Box, Color, CompressedPosition, Coords, GameSpyServerData, Guid, IntegerRange, InterpCurve, InterpCurvePoint, MatCoords, Matrix, Plane, Quat, Range, RangeVector, Rotator, Scale, Vector

Functions Summary
Inherited Functions from Core.Object
!, !=, $, $=, %, &, &&, *, **, *=, +, ++, +=, -, --, -=, / , /=, <, <<, <=, ==, >, >=, >>, >>>, @, @=, Abs, Acos, AllClasses, AllEditableProperties, Allocate, AllProperties, AppSeconds, Asc, Asin, AssertWithDescription, Atan, BeginState, CanSLog, Caps, Chr, Clamp, ClassConstruct, ClassIsChildOf, ClockwiseFrom, CommonBase, Construct, Cos, Cross, DecodeFromURL, Disable, Div, Dot, DynamicFindObject, DynamicLoadObject, Enable, EncodeForURL, EndState, Eval, Exp, FClamp, FindObject, FlushConfig, FMax, FMin, FRand, GetAxes, GetBuildNumber, GetEnum, GetMinCompatibleBuildNumber, GetPropertyText, GetStateName, GetSuperClass, GetUnAxes, GotoState, Hash, HasUnicode, InStr, InterpCurveEval, InterpCurveGetInputDomain, InterpCurveGetOutputRange, Inverse, Invert, IsA, IsInState, IsNearlyZero, IsUTracing, IsValidForURL, IsZero, Left, Len, Lerp, Localize, Locs, Log, Loge, LogGuardStack, Max, Mid, Min, MirrorVectorByNormal, Normal, Normalize, NullReferences, OrthoRotation, QuatFindBetween, QuatFromAxisAndAngle, QuatFromRotator, QuatInvert, QuatProduct, QuatRotateVector, QuatToRotator, Rand, RandRange, Repl, replaceStr, ResetConfig, Right, RotRand, SaveConfig, SetPropertyText, SetUTracing, Sin, Sleep, SLog, Smerp, Split, Sqrt, Square, StaticSaveConfig, StrCmp, Tan, VDist, VDistSquared, VRand, VSize, VSize2D, VSizeSquared, VSizeSquared2D, Warn, ^, ^^, |, ||, ~, ~=

Variables Detail

CachedLastRigidBodyRootBoneIndex Source code

var const transient int CachedLastRigidBodyRootBoneIndex;

hkPhantom Source code

var const transient int hkPhantom;

RigidBodyLastBoneIndex Source code

var const transient int RigidBodyLastBoneIndex;

RigidBodyRootBoneIndex Source code

var const transient int RigidBodyRootBoneIndex;

RigidBodySystemNumber Source code

var const transient int RigidBodySystemNumber;


hkActive Source code

var(HavokSkeletalSystem) bool hkActive;
If true, the object will behave like a ragdoll as soon as the level starts (e.g., it will fall to the ground, etc). If false, it will be inactive until it is activated (i.e., it will not become a ragdoll until collides with it, etc.)

hkJointFriction Source code

var(HavokSkeletalSystem) float hkJointFriction;
Global control of ragdoll joint friction

SkeletonPhysicsFile Source code

var(HavokSkeletalSystem) string SkeletonPhysicsFile;
File from which to load the Havok ragdoll skeleton (e.g., "myRagdoll.hke"). File path is relative to "\Content\HavokData".

TearOffImpulseScale Source code

var(HavokSkeletalSystem) float TearOffImpulseScale;

useIntrusionDrivenUpdates Source code

var(HavokSkeletalSystem) bool useIntrusionDrivenUpdates;
If false, the Havok representation of this skeleton's bones will be updated every frame to match the on-screen bone location. If true, they will only be updated when another Havok object enters a volume rougly twice the size of this actor's bounding volume. This is a performance optimization; in most cases you should leave it at the default setting.\r\n\r\nNOTE: This is automatically set to true at runtime for keyframed (animated) skeletal meshes.




	TearOffImpulseScale = 1.0


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