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+-- Gameplay.Stat

Direct Known Subclasses:

ExtendedStat, statHS

Constants Summary
Inherited Contants from Core.Object
MaxInt, Pi, RF_NotForClient, RF_NotForEdit, RF_NotForServer, RF_Public, RF_Transactional, RF_Transient, RF_Unnamed

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from Core.Object
Class, Name, ObjectFlags, ObjectInternal[6], Outer

Enumerations Summary
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EAxis, ECamOrientation, ESheerAxis

Structures Summary
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BoundingVolume, Box, Color, CompressedPosition, Coords, GameSpyServerData, Guid, IntegerRange, InterpCurve, InterpCurvePoint, MatCoords, Matrix, Plane, Quat, Range, RangeVector, Rotator, Scale, Vector

Functions Summary
Inherited Functions from Core.Object
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Variables Detail


PersonalMessageClass Source code

var(LocalMessage) class<MPPersonalMessage> PersonalMessageClass;
Personal message class to use when stat is awarded


acronym Source code

var(Stat) localized string acronym;
The acronym for this stat

awardDescription Source code

var(Stat) localized string awardDescription;
If provided, an award with this description will be given to the player with the highest stat

defensePointsPerStat Source code

var(Stat) int defensePointsPerStat;
The number of defense points awarded when this stat is incremented

description Source code

var(Stat) localized string description;
The description for this stat

logLevel Source code

var(Stat) int logLevel;

offensePointsPerStat Source code

var(Stat) int offensePointsPerStat;
The number of offense points awarded when this stat is incremented

personalMessage Source code

var(Stat) localized string personalMessage;
If provided, sends this personal message when the stat is awarded

stylePointsPerStat Source code

var(Stat) int stylePointsPerStat;
The number of style points awarded when this stat is incremented


	offensePointsPerStat	= 0
	defensePointsPerStat	= 0
	stylePointsPerStat		= 0
	logLevel				= 1
	acronym					= "N/A"

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