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Variables Summary

Structures Summary
character, markerTime

Functions Summary
function addCharacter (Character c))
functionbool containsCharacter (Character c))
functionbool enoughTimeElapsedSinceMarkerTime (Character c, float time, optional bool resetMarkerTimeWhenTrue))
functionfloat getCharacterMarkerTime (Character c))
functionint numPlayers (optional TeamInfo searchTeam))
functionTeamInfo onlyRemainingTeam (optional Character includeCharacter, optional Character excludeCharacter))
function PostBeginPlay ()))
function removeCharacter (Character c))
function setTriggerFrequency (float f))
function Timer ()))
function Touch (Actor Other))
function UnTouch (Actor Other))

Variables Detail

charList Source code

var array<characterPresence> charList;

listener Source code

var IMPAreaTriggerable listener;

triggerFrequency Source code

var float triggerFrequency;


playerInAreaEffectEvent Source code

var(EffectEvents) Name playerInAreaEffectEvent;
The name of an effect event that loops on players in the area

Structures Detail

characterPresence Source code

struct characterPresence
var Character character;
var float markerTime;

Functions Detail

addCharacter Source code

function addCharacter ( Character c) )

containsCharacter Source code

function bool containsCharacter ( Character c) )

enoughTimeElapsedSinceMarkerTime Source code

function bool enoughTimeElapsedSinceMarkerTime ( Character c, float time, optional bool resetMarkerTimeWhenTrue) )

getCharacterMarkerTime Source code

function float getCharacterMarkerTime ( Character c) )

numPlayers Source code

function int numPlayers ( optional TeamInfo searchTeam) )

onlyRemainingTeam Source code

function TeamInfo onlyRemainingTeam ( optional Character includeCharacter, optional Character excludeCharacter) )

PostBeginPlay Source code

function PostBeginPlay ( ) )

removeCharacter Source code

function removeCharacter ( Character c) )

setTriggerFrequency Source code

function setTriggerFrequency ( float f) )

Timer Source code

function Timer ( ) )

Touch Source code

simulated function Touch ( Actor Other) )

UnTouch Source code

simulated function UnTouch ( Actor Other) )


	CollisionHeight = 1000
	CollisionRadius = 1000
	triggerFrequency = 1
	playerInAreaEffectEvent		= InArea
	bCanDeadTriggerExit = true

Overview Package Class Source Class tree Glossary
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