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+-- MojoCore.TsMojoAction
   +-- MojoActions.TsAction
      +-- MojoActions.TsActionEmitterEnable

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from MojoActions.TsAction
bShowSubtitles, DisableInMojo, DName, FastForwardSkip, Help, interpolator, interpTime, ModifiesLocation, Track, UsesDuration
Inherited Variables from MojoCore.TsMojoAction
Actor, m_group, m_length_dirty, m_offset, m_output_key, m_predicted_start_time, m_recorded_length, m_skip_action, m_source_key, m_start_time, m_subaction_list, m_subaction_offset, m_subaction_parent, m_subaction_track

Structures Summary
Inherited Structures from MojoCore.TsMojoAction
MojoActorRef, MojoAnimation, MojoKeyframe, MojoTimedKeyframe

Functions Summary
eventbool CanBeUsedWith (Actor actor))
functionbool OnStart ()))
functionbool OnTick (float delta))
Inherited Functions from MojoActions.TsAction
CanFastForwardSkip, CanSetDuration, DisableActionInMojo, Finish, GetHelpString, GetLength, GetNameString, GetSummaryString, GetTrackString, Message, ModifiesActorLocation, OnFinish, OnStart, OnTick, resetInterpolation, ShouldShowSubtitles, Start, Tick, tickInterpolation
Inherited Functions from MojoCore.TsMojoAction
CanAcceptSubactions, CanBeUsedWith, CanFastForwardSkip, CanGenerateOutputKeys, CanSetDuration, DisableActionInMojo, EndCutscene, Finish, GetDuration, GetHelpString, GetNameString, GetSummaryString, GetTrackString, Interrupt, IsSubaction, ModifiesActorLocation, OnDelete, Pause, ResolveActorRef, Resume, SetDuration, Start, Tick

Variables Detail


enable Source code

var(Action) bool enable;

Functions Detail

CanBeUsedWith Source code

event bool CanBeUsedWith ( Actor actor) )

OnStart Source code

function bool OnStart ( ) )

OnTick Source code

function bool OnTick ( float delta) )


	DName			="Enable Emitter"
	Track			="Particles"
	Help			="Enable/Disable the emitters of a particle system"

	enable = true

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