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config ( serverstatus )

+-- Engine.Actor
   +-- Engine.Info
      +-- Engine.InternetInfo
         +-- IpDrv.InternetLink
            +-- IpDrv.TcpLink
               +-- TribesVengeanceServerStatus.SSLink

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from IpDrv.TcpLink
AcceptClass, LinkState, RemoteAddr, SendFIFO
Inherited Variables from IpDrv.InternetLink
DataPending, LinkMode, Port, PrivateResolveInfo, ReceiveMode, RemoteSocket, Socket

Enumerations Summary
Inherited Enumerations from IpDrv.TcpLink
Inherited Enumerations from IpDrv.InternetLink
ELinkMode, EReceiveMode

Structures Summary
Inherited Structures from IpDrv.InternetLink

Functions Summary
functionarray<string> Base64Decode (array<string> indata))
functionarray<string> Base64Encode (array<string> indata, out array<string> B64Lookup))
function Base64EncodeLookupTable (out array<string> LookupTable))
event BeginPlay ()))
event Closed ()))
functionString GetReport ()))
functionString KeyValue (string key, string value)
functionString KeyValueInt (string key, int value)
event Opened ()))
functionString ParsePlayers ()
event ReceivedText (string Text))
event Resolved (IpAddr Addr))
event ResolveFailed ()))
function ResolveStats ()))
function Timer ()
Inherited Functions from IpDrv.TcpLink
Accepted, BindPort, Close, Closed, IsConnected, Listen, Open, Opened, ReadBinary, ReadText, ReceivedBinary, ReceivedLine, ReceivedText, SendBinary, SendText
Inherited Functions from IpDrv.InternetLink
GameSpyGameName, GameSpyValidate, GetLastError, GetLocalIP, IpAddrToString, IsDataPending, ParseURL, Resolve, Resolved, ResolveFailed, StringToIpAddr

Variables Detail

PC Source code

var PlayerController PC;

reporting Source code

var bool reporting;

requesttext Source code

var string requesttext;

sending Source code

var bool sending;

TargetHost Source code

var config string TargetHost;

TargetPort Source code

var config int TargetPort;

Functions Detail

Base64Decode Source code

static function array<string> Base64Decode ( array<string> indata) )
Decode a base64 encoded string

Base64Encode Source code

static function array<string> Base64Encode ( array<string> indata, out array<string> B64Lookup) )
base64 encode an input array

Base64EncodeLookupTable Source code

static function Base64EncodeLookupTable ( out array<string> LookupTable) )
Generate the base 64 encode lookup table

BeginPlay Source code

event BeginPlay ( ) )

Closed Source code

event Closed ( ) )

GetReport Source code

function String GetReport ( ) )

KeyValue Source code

function String KeyValue ( string key, string value )

KeyValueInt Source code

function String KeyValueInt ( string key, int value )

Opened Source code

event Opened ( ) )

ParsePlayers Source code

function String ParsePlayers ( )

ReceivedText Source code

event ReceivedText ( string Text) )

Resolved Source code

event Resolved ( IpAddr Addr) )

ResolveFailed Source code

event ResolveFailed ( ) )

ResolveStats Source code

function ResolveStats ( ) )

Timer Source code

function Timer ( )


    TargetHost = "stats.tribesrevengeance.com";
    TargetPort = 80;

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