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Within Engine.PlayerController

+-- Engine.AdminBase
   +-- TribesAdmin.AdminIni

Constants Summary
Inherited Contants from Core.Object
MaxInt, Pi, RF_NotForClient, RF_NotForEdit, RF_NotForServer, RF_Public, RF_Transactional, RF_Transient, RF_Unnamed

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from Engine.AdminBase
Inherited Variables from Core.Object
Class, Name, ObjectFlags, ObjectInternal[6], Outer

Enumerations Summary
Inherited Enumerations from Core.Object
EAxis, ECamOrientation, ESheerAxis

Structures Summary
Inherited Structures from Core.Object
BoundingVolume, Box, Color, CompressedPosition, Coords, GameSpyServerData, Guid, IntegerRange, InterpCurve, InterpCurvePoint, MatCoords, Matrix, Plane, Quat, Range, RangeVector, Rotator, Scale, Vector

Functions Summary
functionbool CanPerform (string priv))
event Created ()))
function DisableTournamentMode (string Cmd ))
function DoLogin (string Username, string Password ))
function DoLogout ()))
function DoPromote (PlayerController Target))
function DoSwitch (string URL))
function EnableTournamentMode (string Cmd ))
functionPlayerController FindController (string playerNameOrId))
functionstring FindGameType (string GameType))
function ForceStart (string Cmd ))
function Game (string Cmd, string Extra ))
function GetMapList (string Cmd, string Extra ))
function GotoNextMap ()))
functionbool IsNumeric (string Param, optional bool bPositiveOnly))
function Kick (string Cmd, string Extra ))
function Map (string Cmd ))
functionbool MaskedCompare (string SettingName, string Mask))
function Mutators (string Cmd, string Extra))
function PlayerList ()))
function RemoveJoinPassword (string Cmd ))
functionstring ReplaceTag (string from, string tag, coerce string value))
function RestartMap ()))
function SendLoggedList ()))
function SendUserList (string mask))
function SetJoinPassword (string Cmd ))
function SetTeamDamage (string Cmd ))
function SetTimeLimit (string Cmd ))
function Spectify (string Cmd ))
functionarray<string> SplitParams (string Params))
function Switch (string URL ))
function TeamChange (string Cmd ))
function User (string Cmd, string Extra))
Inherited Functions from Engine.AdminBase
Created, DoLogin, DoLogout
Inherited Functions from Core.Object
!, !=, $, $=, %, &, &&, *, **, *=, +, ++, +=, -, --, -=, / , /=, <, <<, <=, ==, >, >=, >>, >>>, @, @=, Abs, Acos, AllClasses, AllEditableProperties, Allocate, AllProperties, AppSeconds, Asc, Asin, AssertWithDescription, Atan, BeginState, CanSLog, Caps, Chr, Clamp, ClassConstruct, ClassIsChildOf, ClockwiseFrom, CommonBase, Construct, Cos, Cross, DecodeFromURL, Disable, Div, Dot, DynamicFindObject, DynamicLoadObject, Enable, EncodeForURL, EndState, Eval, Exp, FClamp, FindObject, FlushConfig, FMax, FMin, FRand, GetAxes, GetBuildNumber, GetEnum, GetMinCompatibleBuildNumber, GetPropertyText, GetStateName, GetSuperClass, GetUnAxes, GotoState, Hash, HasUnicode, InStr, InterpCurveEval, InterpCurveGetInputDomain, InterpCurveGetOutputRange, Inverse, Invert, IsA, IsInState, IsNearlyZero, IsUTracing, IsValidForURL, IsZero, Left, Len, Lerp, Localize, Locs, Log, Loge, LogGuardStack, Max, Mid, Min, MirrorVectorByNormal, Normal, Normalize, NullReferences, OrthoRotation, QuatFindBetween, QuatFromAxisAndAngle, QuatFromRotator, QuatInvert, QuatProduct, QuatRotateVector, QuatToRotator, Rand, RandRange, Repl, replaceStr, ResetConfig, Right, RotRand, SaveConfig, SetPropertyText, SetUTracing, Sin, Sleep, SLog, Smerp, Split, Sqrt, Square, StaticSaveConfig, StrCmp, Tan, VDist, VDistSquared, VRand, VSize, VSize2D, VSizeSquared, VSizeSquared2D, Warn, ^, ^^, |, ||, ~, ~=

Variables Detail

AdminUser Source code

var TribesAdminUser AdminUser;

ConfigSet Source code

var GameConfigSet ConfigSet;

Manager Source code

var AccessControlIni Manager;

Msg_AddedMapToList Source code

var localized string Msg_AddedMapToList;

Msg_AddedMutator Source code

var localized string Msg_AddedMutator;

Msg_AlreadyEdited Source code

var localized string Msg_AlreadyEdited;

Msg_ChangingMapTo Source code

var localized string Msg_ChangingMapTo;

Msg_EditFailed Source code

var localized string Msg_EditFailed;

Msg_EditingCancelled Source code

var localized string Msg_EditingCancelled;

Msg_EditingClass Source code

var localized string Msg_EditingClass;

Msg_EditingCompleted Source code

var localized string Msg_EditingCompleted;

Msg_ErrAddingMutator Source code

var localized string Msg_ErrAddingMutator;

Msg_ErrRemovingMutator Source code

var localized string Msg_ErrRemovingMutator;

Msg_FinishGameEditFirst Source code

var localized string Msg_FinishGameEditFirst;

Msg_FinishGameRestart Source code

var localized string Msg_FinishGameRestart;

Msg_ForceStart Source code

var localized string Msg_ForceStart;

Msg_GameNoSupportBots Source code

var localized string Msg_GameNoSupportBots;

Msg_MapIsInRotation Source code

var localized string Msg_MapIsInRotation;

Msg_MapListNeedGameEdit Source code

var localized string Msg_MapListNeedGameEdit;

Msg_MapNotInRotation Source code

var localized string Msg_MapNotInRotation;

Msg_MapRotationList Source code

var localized string Msg_MapRotationList;

Msg_MustEndGameEdit Source code

var localized string Msg_MustEndGameEdit;

Msg_MutNeedGameEdit Source code

var localized string Msg_MutNeedGameEdit;

Msg_NextMapNotFound Source code

var localized string Msg_NextMapNotFound;

Msg_NoAddNamedBot Source code

var localized string Msg_NoAddNamedBot;

Msg_NoBotGameFull Source code

var localized string Msg_NoBotGameFull;

Msg_NoBotsPlaying Source code

var localized string Msg_NoBotsPlaying;

Msg_NoMapInRotation Source code

var localized string Msg_NoMapInRotation;

Msg_NoMapsAdded Source code

var localized string Msg_NoMapsAdded;

Msg_NoMapsFound Source code

var localized string Msg_NoMapsFound;

Msg_NoMapsRemoved Source code

var localized string Msg_NoMapsRemoved;

Msg_NoMutatorInUse Source code

var localized string Msg_NoMutatorInUse;

Msg_NoParamsFound Source code

var localized string Msg_NoParamsFound;

Msg_NotEditing Source code

var localized string Msg_NotEditing;

Msg_NoUnusedMuts Source code

var localized string Msg_NoUnusedMuts;

Msg_ParamModified Source code

var localized string Msg_ParamModified;

Msg_ParamNotModified Source code

var localized string Msg_ParamNotModified;

Msg_PlayerBanned Source code

var localized string Msg_PlayerBanned;

Msg_PlayerKicked Source code

var localized string Msg_PlayerKicked;

Msg_PlayerList Source code

var localized string Msg_PlayerList;

Msg_PlayerSpectified Source code

var localized string Msg_PlayerSpectified;

Msg_RemovedMapFromList Source code

var localized string Msg_RemovedMapFromList;

Msg_RemovedMutator Source code

var localized string Msg_RemovedMutator;

Msg_SessionBanned Source code

var localized string Msg_SessionBanned;

Msg_SetBotNeedVal Source code

var localized string Msg_SetBotNeedVal;

Msg_StatsNoBots Source code

var localized string Msg_StatsNoBots;

Msg_TeamDamageDisabled Source code

var localized string Msg_TeamDamageDisabled;

Msg_TeamDamageEnabled Source code

var localized string Msg_TeamDamageEnabled;

Msg_TimeLimitChanged Source code

var localized string Msg_TimeLimitChanged;

Msg_TourneyModeDisabled Source code

var localized string Msg_TourneyModeDisabled;

Msg_TourneyModeEnabled Source code

var localized string Msg_TourneyModeEnabled;

Msg_UnknownParam Source code

var localized string Msg_UnknownParam;

NextGameType Source code

var protected string NextGameType;

NextMutators Source code

var protected string NextMutators;

Functions Detail

CanPerform Source code

protected function bool CanPerform ( string priv) )

Created Source code

event Created ( ) )

DisableTournamentMode Source code

exec function DisableTournamentMode ( string Cmd ) )

DoLogin Source code

function DoLogin ( string Username, string Password ) )

DoLogout Source code

function DoLogout ( ) )

DoPromote Source code

exec function DoPromote ( PlayerController Target) )

DoSwitch Source code

function DoSwitch ( string URL) )

EnableTournamentMode Source code

exec function EnableTournamentMode ( string Cmd ) )

FindController Source code

function PlayerController FindController ( string playerNameOrId) )

FindGameType Source code

protected function string FindGameType ( string GameType) )

ForceStart Source code

exec function ForceStart ( string Cmd ) )

Game Source code

exec function Game ( string Cmd, string Extra ) )

GetMapList Source code

exec function GetMapList ( string Cmd, string Extra ) )

GotoNextMap Source code

function GotoNextMap ( ) )

IsNumeric Source code

function bool IsNumeric ( string Param, optional bool bPositiveOnly) )

Kick Source code

exec function Kick ( string Cmd, string Extra ) )

Map Source code

exec function Map ( string Cmd ) )

MaskedCompare Source code

protected function bool MaskedCompare ( string SettingName, string Mask) )

Mutators Source code

exec function Mutators ( string Cmd, string Extra) )

PlayerList Source code

exec function PlayerList ( ) )

RemoveJoinPassword Source code

exec function RemoveJoinPassword ( string Cmd ) )

ReplaceTag Source code

function string ReplaceTag ( string from, string tag, coerce string value) )

RestartMap Source code

exec function RestartMap ( ) )

SendLoggedList Source code

protected function SendLoggedList ( ) )
// TODO: Check if should send ALL logged admins or only

SendUserList Source code

protected function SendUserList ( string mask) )

SetJoinPassword Source code

exec function SetJoinPassword ( string Cmd ) )

SetTeamDamage Source code

exec function SetTeamDamage ( string Cmd ) )

SetTimeLimit Source code

exec function SetTimeLimit ( string Cmd ) )

Spectify Source code

exec function Spectify ( string Cmd ) )

SplitParams Source code

function array<string> SplitParams ( string Params) )

Switch Source code

exec function Switch ( string URL ) )

TeamChange Source code

exec function TeamChange ( string Cmd ) )

User Source code

exec function User ( string Cmd, string Extra) )


	Msg_PlayerList="Player List:"
	Msg_FinishGameEditFirst="You must finish your Game Edit before restarting the map"
	Msg_FinishGameRestart="You must finish your Game Edit before changing or restarting the map"
	Msg_GameNoSupportBots="The current Game Type does not support Bots"
	Msg_StatsNoBots="Cannot control bots when Worlds Stats are enabled"
	Msg_NextMapNotFound="Next Map Not Found, Restarting Same Map"
	Msg_ChangingMapTo="Changing Map to %NextMap%"

	Msg_PlayerBanned="%Player% has been Banned from this server"
	Msg_SessionBanned="%Player% has been Banned for this match"
	Msg_PlayerKicked="%Player% has been kicked"
	Msg_NoBotGameFull="Cannot add a bot, Game is full"
	Msg_NoAddNamedBot="Can Only Add Named Bots once the Match has Started"
	Msg_NoBotsPlaying="No Bots are currently playing"
	Msg_SetBotNeedVal="This Command Requires a Numeric Value between 0 and 32"

	Msg_MutNeedGameEdit="You must use 'Game Edit' command before 'Mutators' commands"
	Msg_NoMutatorInUse="No Mutators in use"
	Msg_NoUnusedMuts="Found No Unused Mutators"
	Msg_AddedMutator="Added '%Mutator%' To Used Mutator List"
	Msg_ErrAddingMutator="Error Adding '%Mutator%'To Used Mutator List"
	Msg_RemovedMutator="Removed '%Mutator%' From Used Mutator List"
	Msg_ErrRemovingMutator="Error Removing '%Mutator%' From Used Mutator List"

	Msg_MapListNeedGameEdit="You must use 'Game Edit' command before 'MapList' command"
	Msg_MapRotationList="List of maps in rotation for %Game%"
	Msg_NoMapInRotation="No Maps in rotation list"
	Msg_NoMapsAdded="No Maps Added to the List"
	Msg_AddedMapToList="Added '%Map%' To Map Rotation List"
	Msg_NoMapsRemoved="No Maps Removed from the List"
	Msg_RemovedMapFromList="Removed '%Map%' From Map Rotation List"
	Msg_NoMapsFound="No Maps were Found"
	Msg_MapIsInRotation="Map '%Map%' Is In Map Rotation List"
	Msg_MapNotInRotation="Map '%Map%' Is Not In Map Rotation List"

	Msg_MustEndGameEdit="You must end your Game Edit first"
	Msg_EditingClass="Editing %Class%"
	Msg_EditFailed="Failed Starting To Edit"
	Msg_AlreadyEdited="Game Already being edited by Someone Else"
	Msg_NotEditing="You are not editing Game Settings, use 'Game Edit' first"
	Msg_EditingCompleted="Editing Completed"
	Msg_EditingCancelled="Editing Cancelled"
	Msg_UnknownParam="Unknown Parameter : %Value%"
	Msg_NoParamsFound="No Parameters found!"
	Msg_ParamModified="Modification SuccessFull"
	Msg_ParamNotModified="Could not Modify Parameter"

	Msg_PlayerSpectified="%Player% has been put into spectator mode"
	Msg_TimeLimitChanged="The time limit has been changed to %Value%"
	Msg_TourneyModeEnabled="Tournament mode has been enabled"
	Msg_TourneyModeDisabled="Tournament mode has been disabled"
	Msg_ForceStart="The match has been forced to start"
	Msg_TeamDamageEnabled="Team damage has been enabled"
	Msg_TeamDamageDisabled="Team damage has been disabled"

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