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+-- Scripting.Action
   +-- Scripting.ActionCinematicFadeView

Constants Summary
Inherited Contants from Core.Object
MaxInt, Pi, RF_NotForClient, RF_NotForEdit, RF_NotForServer, RF_Public, RF_Transactional, RF_Transient, RF_Unnamed

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from Scripting.Action
acceptAllTypes, actionDisplayName, actionHelp, category, parentScript, resolveInfoList, returnType
Inherited Variables from Core.Object
Class, Name, ObjectFlags, ObjectInternal[6], Outer

Enumerations Summary
Inherited Enumerations from Core.Object
EAxis, ECamOrientation, ESheerAxis

Structures Summary
Inherited Structures from Scripting.Action
Inherited Structures from Core.Object
BoundingVolume, Box, Color, CompressedPosition, Coords, GameSpyServerData, Guid, IntegerRange, InterpCurve, InterpCurvePoint, MatCoords, Matrix, Plane, Quat, Range, RangeVector, Rotator, Scale, Vector

Functions Summary
function editorDisplayString (out string s))
functionVariable execute ()))
Inherited Functions from Scripting.Action
construct, editorDisplayString, enumScriptLabels, enumScripts, execute, findByLabel, findStaticByLabel, findVariable, logError, newTemporaryVariable, newVariable, PrecacheSpeech, propertyDisplayString, resolveParameters, SetActionPropertyText, setParentScript, tryFindVariable
Inherited Functions from Core.Object
!, !=, $, $=, %, &, &&, *, **, *=, +, ++, +=, -, --, -=, / , /=, <, <<, <=, ==, >, >=, >>, >>>, @, @=, Abs, Acos, AllClasses, AllEditableProperties, Allocate, AllProperties, AppSeconds, Asc, Asin, AssertWithDescription, Atan, BeginState, CanSLog, Caps, Chr, Clamp, ClassConstruct, ClassIsChildOf, ClockwiseFrom, CommonBase, Construct, Cos, Cross, DecodeFromURL, Disable, Div, Dot, DynamicFindObject, DynamicLoadObject, Enable, EncodeForURL, EndState, Eval, Exp, FClamp, FindObject, FlushConfig, FMax, FMin, FRand, GetAxes, GetBuildNumber, GetEnum, GetMinCompatibleBuildNumber, GetPropertyText, GetStateName, GetSuperClass, GetUnAxes, GotoState, Hash, HasUnicode, InStr, InterpCurveEval, InterpCurveGetInputDomain, InterpCurveGetOutputRange, Inverse, Invert, IsA, IsInState, IsNearlyZero, IsUTracing, IsValidForURL, IsZero, Left, Len, Lerp, Localize, Locs, Log, Loge, LogGuardStack, Max, Mid, Min, MirrorVectorByNormal, Normal, Normalize, NullReferences, OrthoRotation, QuatFindBetween, QuatFromAxisAndAngle, QuatFromRotator, QuatInvert, QuatProduct, QuatRotateVector, QuatToRotator, Rand, RandRange, Repl, replaceStr, ResetConfig, Right, RotRand, SaveConfig, SetPropertyText, SetUTracing, Sin, Sleep, SLog, Smerp, Split, Sqrt, Square, StaticSaveConfig, StrCmp, Tan, VDist, VDistSquared, VRand, VSize, VSize2D, VSizeSquared, VSizeSquared2D, Warn, ^, ^^, |, ||, ~, ~=

Variables Detail

startTime Source code

var float startTime;


bRestoreFadeControl Source code

var(ActionCinematicFadeView) bool bRestoreFadeControl;
If false, then fade control is not restored to the game after the action is finished. When you are finished with this behaviour, you will need to trigger a 'zero duration' fade action with this variable set to false. If you do not do this, the screen may remain black and pain flashes will not work.

duration Source code

var(ActionCinematicFadeView) float duration;
Duration of fade in seconds. Set to zero for an instant adjustment

fadeAlphaEnd Source code

var(ActionCinematicFadeView) actionnoresolve float fadeAlphaEnd;
The end alpha value of the fade, between 0 and 1

fadeAlphaStart Source code

var(ActionCinematicFadeView) actionnoresolve float fadeAlphaStart;
The start alpha value of the fade, between 0 and 1

fadeEnd Source code

var(ActionCinematicFadeView) actionnoresolve color fadeEnd;

fadeStart Source code

var(ActionCinematicFadeView) actionnoresolve color fadeStart;

holdDuration Source code

var(ActionCinematicFadeView) float holdDuration;
Time in seconds to hold the fade after the duration is over.

Functions Detail

editorDisplayString Source code

function editorDisplayString ( out string s) )

execute Source code

latent function Variable execute ( ) )


	returnType			= None
	actionDisplayName	= "Fade View"
	actionHelp			= "Fades the view. Does not finish until the fade is completed."
	category			= "Cinematic"

	duration			= 2
	fadeStart			= (R=0,G=0,B=0)
	fadeEnd				= (R=0,G=0,B=0)
	fadeAlphaStart		= 0
	fadeAlphaEnd		= 1
	bRestoreFadeControl = true

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