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abstract transient noexport native

UnrealScript Commandlet (command-line applet) class.

Commandlets are executed from the ucc.exe command line utility, using the
following syntax:

UCC.exe package_name.commandlet_class_name [parm=value]...

for example:

UCC.exe Core.HelloWorldCommandlet
UCC.exe Editor.MakeCommandlet

In addition, if you list your commandlet in the public section of your
package's .int file (see Engine.int for example), then your commandlet
can be executed without requiring a fully qualified name, for example:

UCC.exe MakeCommandlet

As a convenience, if a user tries to run a commandlet and the exact
name he types isn't found, then ucc.exe appends the text "commandlet"
onto the name and tries again. Therefore, the following shortcuts
perform identically to the above:

UCC.exe Core.HelloWorld
UCC.exe Editor.Make
UCC.exe Make

It is also perfectly valid to call the Main method of a
commandlet class directly, for example from within the body
of another commandlet.

Commandlets are executed in a "raw" UnrealScript environment, in which
the game isn't loaded, the client code isn't loaded, no levels are

+-- Core.Commandlet

Direct Known Subclasses:

HelloWorldCommandlet, SimpleCommandlet, TribesAdminCommandlet, TribesWebAdminCommandLet

Constants Summary
Inherited Contants from Core.Object
MaxInt, Pi, RF_NotForClient, RF_NotForEdit, RF_NotForServer, RF_Public, RF_Transactional, RF_Transient, RF_Unnamed

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from Core.Object
Class, Name, ObjectFlags, ObjectInternal[6], Outer

Enumerations Summary
Inherited Enumerations from Core.Object
EAxis, ECamOrientation, ESheerAxis

Structures Summary
Inherited Structures from Core.Object
BoundingVolume, Box, Color, CompressedPosition, Coords, GameSpyServerData, Guid, IntegerRange, InterpCurve, InterpCurvePoint, MatCoords, Matrix, Plane, Quat, Range, RangeVector, Rotator, Scale, Vector

Functions Summary
eventint Main (string Parms)
Inherited Functions from Core.Object
!, !=, $, $=, %, &, &&, *, **, *=, +, ++, +=, -, --, -=, / , /=, <, <<, <=, ==, >, >=, >>, >>>, @, @=, Abs, Acos, AllClasses, AllEditableProperties, Allocate, AllProperties, AppSeconds, Asc, Asin, AssertWithDescription, Atan, BeginState, CanSLog, Caps, Chr, Clamp, ClassConstruct, ClassIsChildOf, ClockwiseFrom, CommonBase, Construct, Cos, Cross, DecodeFromURL, Disable, Div, Dot, DynamicFindObject, DynamicLoadObject, Enable, EncodeForURL, EndState, Eval, Exp, FClamp, FindObject, FlushConfig, FMax, FMin, FRand, GetAxes, GetBuildNumber, GetEnum, GetMinCompatibleBuildNumber, GetPropertyText, GetStateName, GetSuperClass, GetUnAxes, GotoState, Hash, HasUnicode, InStr, InterpCurveEval, InterpCurveGetInputDomain, InterpCurveGetOutputRange, Inverse, Invert, IsA, IsInState, IsNearlyZero, IsUTracing, IsValidForURL, IsZero, Left, Len, Lerp, Localize, Locs, Log, Loge, LogGuardStack, Max, Mid, Min, MirrorVectorByNormal, Normal, Normalize, NullReferences, OrthoRotation, QuatFindBetween, QuatFromAxisAndAngle, QuatFromRotator, QuatInvert, QuatProduct, QuatRotateVector, QuatToRotator, Rand, RandRange, Repl, replaceStr, ResetConfig, Right, RotRand, SaveConfig, SetPropertyText, SetUTracing, Sin, Sleep, SLog, Smerp, Split, Sqrt, Square, StaticSaveConfig, StrCmp, Tan, VDist, VDistSquared, VRand, VSize, VSize2D, VSizeSquared, VSizeSquared2D, Warn, ^, ^^, |, ||, ~, ~=

Variables Detail

HelpCmd Source code

var localized string HelpCmd;
// Command name to show for "ucc help".

HelpDesc[16] Source code

var localized string HelpDesc[16];

HelpOneLiner Source code

var localized string HelpOneLiner;
// Command description to show for "ucc help".

HelpParm[16] Source code

var localized string HelpParm[16];
// Parameters and descriptions for "ucc help ".

HelpUsage Source code

var localized string HelpUsage;
// Usage template to show for "ucc help".

HelpWebLink Source code

var localized string HelpWebLink;
// Hyperlink for more info.

IsClient Source code

var bool IsClient;
// Whether to load objects required in server, client, and editor context.

IsEditor Source code

var bool IsEditor;
// Whether to load objects required in server, client, and editor context.

IsServer Source code

var bool IsServer;
// Whether to load objects required in server, client, and editor context.

LazyLoad Source code

var bool LazyLoad;
// Whether to load objects immediately, or only on demand.

LogToStdout Source code

var bool LogToStdout;
// Whether to redirect log output to console stdout.

ShowBanner Source code

var bool ShowBanner;
// Whether to show Unreal banner on startup.

ShowErrorCount Source code

var bool ShowErrorCount;
// Whether to show standard error and warning count on exit.

Functions Detail

Main Source code

native event int Main ( string Parms )
// Entry point.



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