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HideCategories ( Menu , Object ) Abstract Native

   +-- GUI.GUIComponent
      +-- GUI.GUITextComponent

Direct Known Subclasses:

GUIButton, GUILabel

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from GUI.GUIComponent
bAcceptsInput, bActiveInput, bAllowHTMLTextFormatting, bAllowPressedEffect, bBoundToParent, bCanBeShown, bCaptureMouse, bCaptureTabs, bDirty, bDrawStyle, bFocusOnWatch, bHideMouseCursor, bHitTestOnClientBounds, bInited, bMaintainFocus, bMouseOverSound, bNeverFocus, Bounds[4], bPersistent, bPlayerMoveAllowed, bRepeatClick, bRepeatCycling, bRepositioning, bRequireReleaseClick, bSaved, bScaled, bScaleToParent, bSwallowAllKeyEvents, bTabStop, bTimerRepeat, bVisible, ClientBounds[4], CyclePosition, FocusInstead, Hint, LinkOverrides[4], Links[4], MenuOwner, MenuState, MouseCursorIndex, MoveGroup, MovePositions, OnClickSound, RadioGroup, RenderWeight, SaveColor, SaveFont, SaveStyle, SaveX, SaveY, Style, StyleName, TabOrder, TimerCountdown, TimerIndex, TimerInterval, TransitionSpec, UndoHistory, UndoLevel, WinHeight, WinLeft, WinTop, WinWidth
Inherited Variables from GUI.GUI
Controller, QBTN_Abort, QBTN_AbortRetry, QBTN_Cancel, QBTN_Continue, QBTN_Ignore, QBTN_No, QBTN_Ok, QBTN_OkCancel, QBTN_Retry, QBTN_TimeOut, QBTN_Yes, QBTN_YesNo, QBTN_YesNoCancel

Enumerations Summary
Inherited Enumerations from GUI.GUIComponent
Inherited Enumerations from GUI.GUI
eEditMask, eIconPosition, eImgAlign, eImgStyle, eListElemDisplay, EMenuRenderStyle, eMenuState, eProgressDirection, eTextAlign, eTextCase, eXControllerCodes

Structures Summary
Inherited Structures from GUI.GUIComponent
sDynamicPositionSpec, sTransitionSpec
Inherited Structures from GUI.GUI
ControlSpec, GUIListElem

Functions Summary
functionstring GetCaption ()))
function InitComponent (GUIComponent Owner))
function SetCaption (string newCaption ))
Inherited Functions from GUI.GUIComponent
Activate, ActualHeight, ActualLeft, ActualTop, ActualWidth, ChangeStyle, Click, Construct, CyclePositions, DblClick, DeActivate, DisableComponent, EnableComponent, FillOwner, Focus, Free, Hide, InitComponent, InitDelegates, IsAtPosition, IsInBounds, IsInClientBounds, KillTimer, LoadLayoutFromHistory, LoseFocus, MenuStateChange, MousePressed, MouseReleased, OnChangeLayout, OnConstruct, OnResolutionChanged, PlayerOwner, Press, RedoLayout, RegisterNotifyResolutionChanged, RePosition, RePositionCompleted, RePositionTo, SaveLayout, SaveLayoutToHistory, SetActive, SetDirty, SetEnabled, SetFocusInstead, SetHint, SetLinkOverrides, SetLinks, SetRadioGroup, SetTimer, SetVisibility, Show, StopCycling, StripColorCodes, Timer, UndoLayout, Watched
Inherited Functions from GUI.GUI
CopyConfig, CreateElement, IsDigit, MakeColorCode, StripCodes

Variables Detail


bDontCenterVertically Source code

var(GUITextComponent) config bool bDontCenterVertically;
If true, the text will be flushed to the top; when false, it will be centered vertically in the label

bMultiLine Source code

var(GUITextComponent) config bool bMultiLine;
Will cut content to display on multiple lines when too long

Caption Source code

var(GUITextComponent) config localized string Caption;
The text to display

TextAlign Source code

var(GUITextComponent) config eTextAlign TextAlign;
How is the text aligned in it's bounding box

Functions Detail

GetCaption Source code

function string GetCaption ( ) )

InitComponent Source code

function InitComponent ( GUIComponent Owner) )

SetCaption Source code

function SetCaption ( string newCaption ) )



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