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dependsOn ( InventoryStationAccess )


Functions Summary
function accessFinished (Character user, bool returnToUsualMovment)
function accessNoLongerRequired (Character accessor)
function accessRequired (Character accessor, InventoryStationAccess access, int armorIndex)
function changeApplied (InventoryStationAccess access)
functionbool directUsage ()
functionbool getCurrentLoadoutWeapons (out InventoryStationAccess.InventoryStationLoadout weaponLoadout, Character user)
functionbool isAccessible (Character accessor)
functionbool isFunctional ()
functionbool isOnCharactersTeam (Character testCharacter)

Functions Detail

accessFinished Source code

function accessFinished ( Character user, bool returnToUsualMovment )

accessNoLongerRequired Source code

function accessNoLongerRequired ( Character accessor )
// Character no longer requires inventory station access.

accessRequired Source code

function accessRequired ( Character accessor, InventoryStationAccess access, int armorIndex )
// Armor Index of 0 implies light, 1 medium and 2 heavy.

changeApplied Source code

function changeApplied ( InventoryStationAccess access )

directUsage Source code

function bool directUsage ( )

getCurrentLoadoutWeapons Source code

simulated function bool getCurrentLoadoutWeapons ( out InventoryStationAccess.InventoryStationLoadout weaponLoadout, Character user )
// Provides an opportunity to set the weapons to be displayed on the interface. Return false top use the default behaviour.

isAccessible Source code

function bool isAccessible ( Character accessor )
// Returns true if Inventory Station can be accessed by the specified character. // Pre-Condition: a corresponding accessRequired call was made without a corresponding // accessNoLongerRequired // Pre-Condition: function is yet to return true (implies that after this function returns true it cannot

isFunctional Source code

function bool isFunctional ( )

isOnCharactersTeam Source code

function bool isOnCharactersTeam ( Character testCharacter )

Overview Package Class Source Class tree Glossary
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